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Lufthansa Airline industrial actions from 2011 and 2012
Last years 2012 industrial actions
Monday December 10, Wildcat strike today at German airports. Passengers didn't know what hit them! Strike was announced late last night. Strike was roughly from 6 - 9 AM. Rippled around the network, Lufthansa cancelled some 90 flights. Strike was by 1,000 airport security workers. Talks had stalled with management, next meeting planned for January.

Another problem for January 2013 is European airlines pilot and cabin crew strike 

Old strike information
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German Flight Attendants Union UFO
Fraport Communications Toll 01 805 372 46 36
from abroad +49-1805-372 46 36
Lufthansa 01 805-805 805 .14 euro from a landline and from your mobile .42 euro.

European Day of Strike Action 14 November 2012 14N
First look we don't see anything on Lufthansa site for Spains general strike tomorrow, 14 N. You will be delayed or cancelled.

13 November 2012 Deal made with cabin crew. Union UFO had asked for a 5% raise, management offered 3.6%, eventually parties compromised on 4.6%. No flight attendant redundancies till December 2014. In the mean time 3,500 pen pushers will go, but it's not enough. Ultimate cost to airline 33 million euros yearly.

Yes. all's well for this airline for a bit. Stockholders are happy. Lufthansa still has to find cuts and will go ahead with a opening a new low cost airline. 

Star Alliance member. If perhaps at the end of next year you
are thinking of buying a pricey round the world ticket for the for the following year, choose another airline. Codeshares with Air India, Air Malta, JetBlue, Luxair and Turkish Airlines.
Wednesday 19 September 2012 New low cost airline to begining next year. Do yourself a favour don't book with this carrier till after new subsidiary is up and running.
Sunday 9 September 2012 Mediation will go on till mid October. Flights on normal schedule.

Saturday 8 September 2012 Flights back to normal today. One major concession has been made by Lufthansa airlines. Company has agreed to not hire outside contracts/temporary, workers out of Berlin airport. Parties will meet Tuesday. Another new gripe, employees do not want to be transferred to a low cost airline.

Friday 7 September 2012 Union:-No more strikes for the time being. Arbitrator called in.
Other airlines on strike today, Corsair International out of France and Egyptair grounds international flights due to air crew strike. Frankfurt airport relatively quiet due to airline giving passengers a reasonable heads up on Friday's action. Some Lufthansa flights are actually flying today.

Thursday 6 September. Yes flights are cancelled left right and center. If you have information/pictures that others can use pass it on. 
contact@easytravelreport.com We and others want to know what's going on at your airport. DB German rail company adding more trains and carriages, some 100,000 passengers up the creek.

Wednesday, 5 September, Flight attendants strike this Thursday, 
6 September starting 10PM (midnight local time) ending 10PM Friday night. Network still suffering repercussions today. Thousands of passengers will be disrupted.
(Lufthansa saves money by having fleet grounded)

What's going on over Newark, NJ departures Ottawa departures  
Tuesday 4 September Strike spread in the night. Industrial action has now started at Frankfurt airport strike 6AM and Munich Airport strike will start at 1PM till midnight along with Berlin Tegel airport strike 5AM. 350 flights cancelled today, some 26,000 passengers stranded. Long-hauls to
LA, Chicago, Houston, Mexico City and Beijing cancelled.
All but crippled airline. When do negotiations start? UFO union had declined talks last Friday. Lufthansa now plans a new low cost subsidiary.
Update:- STRIKE IS TUESDAY 4 SEPTEMBER 5AM TO 1PM LUNCH TIME AGAIN. This time it is out of Berlin airport.
Excluded from this are regional flight attendants strike call with foreign Homebase (Delhi, Bangkok). We will follow along our Berlin Airport strike page.

Tuesday 4 September Devastating strike has escalated today to not only Berlin airport but also back to Frankfurt airport starting 6AM and Munich airport starting 1PM till midnight. 
Update:-Monday 3 September strike is on for tomorrow 5am-1PM. This time it's out of Berlin Airport.
Monday 3 September Union have announced they will strike tomorrow, Tuesday, no times given yet. Just that you will be given six hours notice again. 
Gossip:-German magazine Der Spiegel has reported, without saying where it obtained the information, that Lufthansa plans to start negotiating with the union on Sept. 10. A spokesman declined to comment on the date. This came from Vancouver Star

1 September 2012 We've learned today that some 350 travelers got stranded at Frankfurt airport transit lounge and had to sleep on cots because they had no visa and did not expect to need one. They were given hot food and drinks. Another 18 flights were cancelled today. UFO union has not yet released information as to where the next strike will hit.
31 August Endless lines at Lufthansa desks around all German airports today. Passengers given peanuts and water. Union call strike a great success and to expect more strike action this week-end. Berlin Tegel faired well, with only 8 flights cancelled to Frankfurt. Bremen 3. Frankfurt airport for a time was full for incoming carriers. No where to put all the Lufthansa jets. 
30 August Update today. Yes, warm up. It's announced and the unlucky passengers are passengers in and out of Frankfurt airport tomorrow, Friday. From 5am - 1pm lunch time. 

30 August 2012 Evil flight attendants union state strike will start tomorrow, Friday. At various airports and you will be given only 6 hours notice. 
29 August 2012 UFO Union has announced strike will start Thursday, no date and time officially given yet. Only clue we have is that it will last for several hours. (We will be up dating) Union has given out some good news however. If they strike in the morning you will be told the night before. Make sure airline has all your contact information. Workers at foreign airports will not strike. Eurowings, CityLine and Germanwings will not be on strike. Austrian Airlines will use larger aircraft. Lufthansa codeshares with Air Malta. Air Malta pilots are also threatening industrial action this week, they've rejected a new contract offer. 
Airline has relationships with:- 
Adria Airways, Aegean, Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand, ANA, Austrian Airlines, Avianca, Blue1, Brussels Airlines, Copa, Croatia, Edelweiss Air, Egypt, Ethiopian, JetBlue, Lauda Air, Lot, Luxair, Scandinavian, Singapore, South African, Swiss Airlines, TACA, TAM, TAP, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines,Turkey SunExpress, Tyrolean Airways/Austrian Arrows, United Airlines and US Airways  
28 August 2012 Talks have failed between cabin crew UFO labour union and Deutsche Lufthansa AG. Carrier will not give in on it's restructuring programme. 120,000 jobs are to be cut and 3,500 will be flight attendants.

18,000 flight attendants can strike legally anytime. You will be lucky today to get by with your travel plans. Lufthansa will not make contingency plans public till union gives strike times and dates. We do know that long-hauls will take priority. Company will want expensive airlines back in home bases. Cabin crews do not want to be abandoned in a hotel abroad incurring hotel fees. Union will only pay for X number of days of accommodation. Cabin crews will be informed of details via text and emails.

Lufthansa will be knocking on judges doors to get the open ended strike deemed illegal today.

Reminder other airlines will be jumping for joy. Watch the ticket prices, car rentals will be hard to find. Lufthansa will book every hotel they can get. Perhaps German train company will add extra cars and trains.
24 August Flight attendants talks will continue till Tuesday, August 28. If no compromise expect a strike. Do you have a plan B?
23 August 2012 Update:-Flight attendants in more talks, last day of negotiations is Tuesday, 28 August and most probable date for strike action.
17 August 2012 Talks still on going, UFO union flight attendants delay decision till next week. Reminder this is a volatile situation and a strike can happen anytime. Be prepared somehow!! If you have a lay over in a German airport, get a German visa that way you can get out of the terminal for another form of transportation.
8 August 2012 Lufthansa's 12,000 flight attendants have voted for strike action, new meeting with management 16 August.
23 April 2012 Announced today, no surprise, Lufthansa is going to make some severe cut backs. No more first class, no new planes and cancellations of routes. Will let go 3,500 flight attendants.
26 March 2012 German baggage handlers back at it again tomorrow. They will strike from 3 AM to Noon tomorrow. Flights have been cancelled by Air Berlin and Lufthansa. 
4 March 2012 Lufthansa announced that they will increase the fuel surcharge from February 28 due to rising oil prices. 4 to 35 Euro's per flight.

German airport strike.
Update:-Strike by air traffic controllers tomorrow deemed illegal. So you got lucky!
February 28 Tuesday Frankfurt airport strike is heating up today. GdF is calling on German air traffic controllers to join in with the strike from tomorrow Wednesday 5 AM - 11 AM. Check back for another update.

February, 27 Monday Frankfurt airport running smoothly today mainly because of the 148 flight cancellations.

26 February 2012 Negotiations failed between GdF and Fraport management. Strike back on starting tonight Sunday 8 PM till Thursday 1 March 4 AM. Call your carrier or agent.

(I am going out on a limb here. GdF union will eventually get annoyed at paying the 200 or so workers salary (on the other foot for a change). Yes this is a wealthy union but you know this will irritate them sooner than later. I suspect they will then recruit other airports to join in as management is not going to budge)

Wednesday 22 February Strike will end with tonight's night shift.
Fraport management and union start negotiations Thursday AM. You got lucky for a change!

Tuesday 21 February Sorry to tell you Frankfurt airport strike is to go on till 10 PM Friday 24 February. Today Lufthansa cancelled less than two hundred flights today. Still nothing up on Lufthansa web site. You should be updates via text.

19 February Frankfurt airport workers back on strike tomorrow Monday 20 February for 24 hours. Expect to be re-routed or even cancelled, call your travel agent or airline ASAP.

15 February 2012 First major strike in Germany this year 2012. Frankfurt airport will be on strike tomorrow from 2 PM - 9 PM GMT. Suspect it will drag on later than 9 PM as the tarmac workers are out till 11 PM. Your flight will be delayed. Call the airline or your travel agent. Frankfurt airport has given a number to call Fraport Communication Center at the number 0 18 05/3 72 46 36 or +49 1805-372 4636. Do you have a round the world ticket with Star Alliance? Lufthansa is in the Star Alliance Group. Lufthansa fourth largest airline, code-shares with 
Air India, Air Malta, Avianca, JetBlue, Luxair and TACA Airlines.


So last year
Oct 24 2011 Lufthansa Cargo to strike for 90 mins tomorrow reuters.

Sunday 9 October From Lufthansa site today. Flight disruption to be expected tomorrow, Monday afternoon in Germany. Due to employee meetings at several German airports flight disruption are expected on Monday afternoon.
Old Stuff
8/8/2011 Strike has been CANCELLED AGAIN FOR tomorrow. Parties agree to talks that will last approximately four weeks.
Another Update for today by Reuters issue back in court
Update:- Monday 8 August. German air traffic controllers strike is set for tomorrow, Tuesday 4am-10am all German air space will be closed, call Lufthansa, you could well be delayed till back up of flights is gotten down till tomorrow. Here's what Lufthansa has to say.

Update:- 3 August. Judge deemed German air traffic controllers strike illegal. Strike is cancelled.

3 August Judge to decide today if strike will be legal. Last time Lufthansa went on strike hired cars across Europe became hard to come by.
2 August German air traffic controllers may strike this Thursday 4 August 2011 for six hours 0400 GMT until 1000 GMT. Will effect all airlines and know doubt take a day to get back to normal. Call your airline.
Check with us you never know perhaps it will be cancelled.

Old stuff
21 Feb. 2011 Nationwide train strike Monday, leave early for airport, perhaps the day before

3 Jan, 2011 Looking for a job? Things looking up for Lufthansa. Creation of 4,000 new jobs, under new boss Christoph Franz, includes, 900 new ground staff, 270 student pilots, 300 apprentices. Larger aircraft, bigger seats. Keep an eye on subsidiary Austrian airlines, they threaten strike in January, 2011.

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