22, Sept. 2010 Lufthansa has a new CEO Christoph Franz goes on a $4.7 billion buying spree.

Lufthansa Airline passengers and subsidiaries will be flying in some brand new aircraft 20 A320 family jets, and 3 A330-300s. Swiss International Air Lines will get an A320 and five 330-300s and Germanwings 8 new A319s.

16, August, 2010 Air Berlin threaten strike this week.

9, July, 2010 Lufthansa Airlines, 50,000 employees have agreed to a 22 month pay freeze, so your good to go.

12, April, 2010 German air traffic controllers will meet today. Couple of things you should know. German ATC's only have to give 24 hours notice and by law 25% of air traffic must fly. New page folks.  German air traffic controllers strike, move along with us

8. April, 2010 I almost feel bad in telling you this, but German air traffic controllers are threatening strike. We will watch it like a hawk.

7, April, 2010 News came out today that the union has canceled the up and coming strike and will concentrate on talks with the mediator. Good news all around. You can slip by unhindered.

Update:-Tuesday, 6, April, 2010 No talks between union and airline are scheduled.
Update:- Monday, 5, April, 2010, Lufthansa pilots strike is still on, so far no deal made with unions.

1. April,2010 Union representing Deutsche Lufthansa AG pilots is prepared to take a dispute with Germany's biggest airline to arbitration, a move that could avert a four-day strike planned for mid-April. Strike has not been cancelled.

3/31/2010 Lufthansa management looking to bargain with pilots and threaten to seek damages from union if four day strike goes ahead.

3/22 Lufthansa pilots union announced 4 day strike from from Tuesday, April 13 through Friday, 16. Better call them to reschedule, ASAP.
3/19/10 Eurowings pilots have unanimously voted to strike.  

Cologne/Bonn airport departures
Frankfort airport departures
Munich airport departures
GermanWings schedule
Cityline departures

Update:- Monday, 8 March. Negotiations still on going. Union say's talks are "extremely difficult." No new walk out's due this week.
Update:-Lufthansa Airline Strike 
Codeshares with Jetblue. 

(Lufthansa rejects name Stalingrad for new jet Dailymail.co.uk)

6 March, 2010 Update:-Good news of sorts. German pilots union say they will not strike whilst talks continue after March, 9. "Negotiations remain constructive, there is no reason to strike." See you will sneak by, another satisfied customer. 

5 March, 10, Update:-Lufthansa airline pilots union is deep in conversation with management and don't see reason to strike on March, 9 while negotiations are on going so well. Relax you will be able to fly, congratulations you've snuck by!! Even so, don't go all rosie on me and book with them again any time soon..

4, March, 10 Update on Air Berlin, strikes off, agreed to more talks.

3/3/10 Air Berlin threaten a three hour strike. "Will be in the coming days"? Perhaps you can squeeze by.

Last strike threat..
2/24/10 Lufthansa flights just getting back to normal.

Update:- Monday, 22 Feb. 2010 Lufthansa pilots
have agreed to suspend the walkout until March 9 
4,000 pilots will return to work. German court ruled against the union. Sorry to break it to you after you've fought for a train ticket, borrowed or rented a car, paid extra for competing air ticket and tipped the hotel clerk.. Hurry, re-book your flight while your can.

German airline Lufthansa is asking a court to halt a strike by more than 4,000 of its pilots. Decision within the next 24 hours. Long-haul flights to the U.S., New York and Denver, were canceled. Some South America and Asia flights on schedule. Passengers arriving at Munich airport are being reimbursed. Twitter reports Frankfort airport is "orderly". Copenhagen, "Chaos on Kastrup airport", Keep checking back. 

Passengers scramble for car rentals, hotel rooms and other airlines up their prices.

Customers can continue to obtain information about their bookings, as well as about the rebooking options and cancellations, at 800-645-3880 in the U.S. and 800-563-5954 in Canada.

According to the special flight schedule, the following flights to/from North America are scheduled to take place during the period from February 22-25:

February 22

LH 412 Munich - Newark
LH 413 Newark - Munich
LH 430 Frankfurt - Chicago
LH 431 Chicago - Frankfurt
LH 434 Munich - Chicago
LH 435 Chicago - Munich
LH 438 Frankfurt - Dallas Ft Worth
LH 439 Dallas Ft Worth - Frankfurt
LH 492 Frankfurt - Vancouver
LH 493 Vancouver - Frankfurt
LH 498 Frankfurt - Mexico City
LH 499 Mexico City - Frankfurt

February 23  
LH 412 Munich - Newark
LH 413 Newark - Munich
LH 492 Frankfurt - Vancouver
LH 493 Vancouver - Frankfurt

February 24
LH 412 Munich - Newark
LH 413 Newark - Munich
LH 434 Munich - Chicago
LH 435 Chicago - Munich
LH 442 Frankfurt - Detroit
LH 443 Detroit - Frankfurt
LH 492 Frankfurt - Vancouver
LH 493 Vancouver - Frankfurt
LH 498 Frankfurt - Mexico City
LH 499 Mexico - City Frankfurt

February 25
LH 412 Munich - Newark
LH 413 Newark - Munich
LH 434 Munich - Chicago
LH 435 Chicago - Munich
LH 490 Frankfurt - Seattle
LH 491 Seattle - Frankfurt
LH 492 Frankfurt - Vancouver
LH 493 Vancouver - Frankfurt

Update:- Sunday, 21 Feb.Airline offers pilots a deal, pilots have not received any deals? I don't get it either..
 Long hauls to UAE and Nigeria hope you've called. Airline cancelled its Lagos to Frankfurt flights of Monday and Thursday.  

Lufthansa has said it will cancel 1,200 flights of the 1,800 daily services 
Update:-Lufthansa Airline Strike is on, four days, starting this Monday night at midnight, 22, Feb, 2010. Best call them. Check you don't codeshare with Lufthansa Airlines.

Update:-20, Feb. 2010. Union offering to talk to management before strike. So far no meeting is planned. Lufthansa Cityline will operate their flights according to schedule. 

Feb. 18, 2010 Lufthansa Airlines management now questioning legality of strike. Estimated loss for airline to be EUR 25 million a day. Are you flying on Austrian Airlines? Austrian Airlines has set up a hotline for customers wishing to obtain information about their booking (rebookings/cancellation): +43 51766-1000. Germanwings information on re-booking tickets can be obtained from Germanwings' information centre in Sofia by calling 02/491 7413.

Update:-Confirmed, Lufthansa pilots will strike, will effect Germanwings and Cargo AG. Four-day strike starting on Monday, midnight 22, Feb. 2010. Ending midnight Thursday 25 Feb. Call 800 850-6070, Lufthansa will publish tomorrow (Friday) a special flight schedule during the strike period. Experienced Lufthansa flight captains earn between $150,000 to $340,000 per year.
See what Lufthansa Airlines has to say. We will keep you informed. Lufthansa codeshares with

Feb 17, 2010 Results due in today, Lufthansa gearing up for strike, drawing up an emergency plan involving putting customers from several flights onto larger aircraft, booking passengers onto other airlines and providing train tickets.

16, January, 2010 Lufthansa, Lufthansa cargo and Germanwings pilots will make the decision whether or not to strike Wednesday, February, 17. Pilots concerned jobs will be shifted to subsidiaries such as Brussels Airlines or Austrian Airlines, where pilots are paid significantly less. Union will need 70 percent of the vote for industrial action.

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