SATA International and 
        SATA Azores Airline Strike

SATA Air Açores. Overseen by Azores government

  Sata Website

Portugal, SATA Azorean International airline 

Who else is on strike today?  TAP Iberia EasyJet 
What's your airline up to?
Shaky Airline Status
Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2017 
Airport Strikes

​​​Update:-Wednesday, 23 August 2017 Announced late tonight passport control strike has been cancelled. Hallelujah!

Update:-23 August, 2017 SATA Strike has been cancelled. (Sorry for delay, we have been on holiday) Look for more strike action by SATA crews in September.
 You will still have to deal with Portuguese passport control strike

10 August 2017 Announced yesterday, SATA Air Azores and Azores Airline crews will strike every day from this Friday (11th August) every time management breaks rules and regulations. Mainly, flight crews sometimes have no idea if they are coming home for the night. (Crew shortages).
Regarding strike next week, 23 - 26 August, company has stopped selling tickets two days before and after strike action, protecting passengers from over booking.


SATA and SATA Azores airline strike
SATA Air Açores 9 Islands will have flights cancelled or delayed. Ponta Delgada always gets hit badly.
Here we go again. It's confirmed.
Viewer Tony notified us.

National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC)
Airline cabin crews will strike from Wednesday, 23 August 2017 till Saturday.
Group SATA is making all efforts possible to minimize any inconvenience that may occur from this situation SATA Make sure you contact them ASAP
Jeez, thanks a lot Tony.

Are you familiar with the passport control strike? Portuguese Passport Control 
The inspectors of the Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) will be on strike Thursday and Friday, August 24 and 25, 2017.
Hours, times to be announced.

Are you flying into Lisbon Airport or out for that matter.  If so perhaps you need to know Lisbon Metro strike 1st and 3rd of August 2017 Easy Travel Report

Friday 23 June 2017 Do you know about the Portuguese airport security strike this weekend?

24 June 2017 SATA announce new board of directors. Is it possible things will begin to look up for this airline and workers?
SATA Strike
SATA Strike
Sata cabin crew union National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC) have put in strike notice. (Not just flight attendants, reservations, and ground crews)
SATA Strike Thursday and Friday, June 1 and 2, 2017

Update:-31 May 2017 Strike is still on unfortunately. Seven hour meeting yesterday was fruitless. SATA International, Lisbon and Horta flights are guaranteed on the 1st and for the 2nd of June, flights from Lisbon to Horta will be guaranteed. 
SATA Air Azores all regional flights will be working.
SATA advice passengers to change flight for another day or refund. Has strike notice up. Sorry we don't have more information for you at this time, vague isn't it.

Weather is looking great for Thursday and Friday - no weather delays.
Union does not rule out more industrial action in the future.

25 May 2017 SATA group, SATA Azores airlines, SATA Air Acores, SATA airlines remind passengers about the strike action planned for June 1 and 2. Call them. Minimal service will be in effect.

SATA Strike Thursday and Friday, 
June 1 and 2, 2017

Talks today 13, May 2017 were fruitless, strike is still on the June. Talks are still on going.

SATA Strike
Update:- We found this article today
​Translation if needed for Madeira

Do you know about the airport security strike in May and the brand new public holiday? See Easy Travel Report

​Update:- Tuesday, 2 May 2017 No one blinked today. Airline still grounded except for the few guaranteed flights. (You see the new strike dates above right..) How's your Portuguese?

Update:-Monday 1 May, 2017 Various numbers out for SATA flight cancellations today we will go with the worst. 
11 flights canceled today. 100% participation by workers. Not looking good for tomorrow. 

Weather today also causing delays reporting, Horta/Flores/Horta connection a flight scheduled under the minimum service decree.
Azores Airlines Lisbon/Pico returned to Lisbon due to weather and rescheduled for Tuesday.

Update Sunday April 30, 2017:- Two flights cancelled and four delayed  SATA flight list

Update:-Saturday 29 April, 2017 SATA has minimal flight list posted. Today, Saturday 6 flights canceled and 15 delayed. Shame on them.

Update:-Friday April 28, 2017 SATA notice minimal help. Expect them to post more information, perhaps Saturday night, Sunday am. Union does not rule out more industrial action in the future.

SATA Azores and SATA International
Sata cabin crew union National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC) have put in strike notice for
Monday, Tuesday, May 1st and 2nd.
It’s not just flight attendants, reservations, and ground crews.
Flights to Ponte Delgada and Terceira and the mainland will be assured with TAP Portugal EasyJet and Ryanair.
Minimum service Lisbon - Pico, Lisbon- Horta
Your flight will likely be brought forward, delayed or even cancelled. More information out closer to strike date follow along.

Easy Travel Report 

 Portugal Airport Security Strike
Portuguese Airport Strike
Monday 26 December 2016 Here’s the latest. The Union of Aviation Workers and Airports (Sitava) - Strikes this week are cancelled, baggage and airport security.Talks to begin again end of January. Good news.

Update:-Friday 23 December Here's an announcement from Portuguese Airports, don't bring hand luggage it will make check in go quicker. Porto and Madeira airports to take brunt of strike action on Christmas Eve.
More information at Easy Travel Report
​Lisbon had some delays due to fog today see weather for this week

Saturday December 10, 2016 Union SITAVA who represent 1, 300 Groundforce and Portway ground workers and Prosegur and Securitas (airport security) companies at Portuguese airports threaten strike action between Wednesday 28, Thursday 29 and Friday 30 December.

Airlines are held hostage till meeting planned for Monday, 26th December is over and result announced.

Last Portuguese airport strike in August of this year saw Faro, Lisbon and Porto airports hit badly. Fewer check points, increased wait time to get through security. Causing delayed access to boarding areas. Flight delays of 90 minutes causing passengers to miss connecting flights and having to re-book flights on the fly. Waiting passengers were given water and snacks.

Collective Bargaining Agreement ends July 31, 2017. SITAVA union looking to secure wages increase over the next two years.

Ports will also be affected by this strike.

Groundforce provides service to 150 airlines, along with baggage handling, cleans aircraft, airport security, maintains equipment and ground transport.

We recommend you get to the airport a lot earlier than usual regardless and stay in close contact with your airline. (I'd go four hours early to get through security so you can read a book while you wait for your delayed aircraft! Perhaps strike will be certain times through out the day, rather than a complete standstill, fingers crossed) Mothers, bring more baby food and diapers than usual.

Good news SATA airlines has signed a deal with SITAVA union members who work for Groundforce this week. SATA passengers will now just be subject to security strikes alone, every little helps! We will update,

Old strikes from 2016
Lisbon Airport - Lisbon Portela Airport, Porto Airport, Funchal and Porto Santo
Groundforce baggage handler strike
Portugal Baggage Handlers Strike
June 9, 2016 Portuguese baggage handlers will strike July, 1, 2 and 3 nationwide.
Union involved SITAVA, handling companies to be involved Groundforce, Portway, out sourced workers and temps. 5,000 workers in this sector 1,300 in SITAVA union. 
You know the drill, stay in touch with your airline, just take carry-on. All airport’s in Portugal will be hit for updates

Old strikes from last year.
Saturday 29 August and Sunday, 30 August, 2015. Call your airline.
Handlers have not had a pay raise since 2008.

Lisbon Ferry Strike Action
Soflusa link between Barreiro and Terreiro do Paco in Lisbon
and Transtejo link between Cacilhas and Cais do Sodre
Lisbon ferry strike September Monday, 7 and Tuesday 8th.
Strike will last three hours per shift.

Old Strikes for 2015
         Lisbon Metro Strike
Metropolitano de Lisboa have called for partial strike for Wednesday,10, September, 2014. 5am and 11am for workers and between 8:30 - 12:30 for senior technicians and administration workers.

Announced today 10 September, 2014 Lisbon Metro workers announce new 24 hour strike Thursday 25
September. Make sure you have plans for to and from Lisbon Airport, be prepared for extra traffic on the roads, traffic jams, shortage of parking spaces. Taxi's hard to find.

               TAP Pilot Strike
26 July 2014 TAP airline pilots will strike Saturday, 9 August 2014. Strike will last 24 hours. Call them Follow along with us TAP Airline Strike page

 "SATA Azores" Strike
​Update:-28 June 2014 Strike ends at midnight tonight. No gains for passengers, management or employees. Delays at check in, connections missed, baggage handling and some flights delayed just enough to be, oh so annoying.

Update:-Saturday, 21 June 2014 Union state 100% of workers striking, management say only 30% of workers are participating in strike action. How is airline pulling this off?SATA hired contract workers the day strike was called for, some illegally. Much to unions chagrin and your convenience!

Update:-Friday June 20, 2014 Operations according to management went well with out delays.
Update:-18 June 2014 We have good news for you, 40 Flights were scheduled for today and only five had 30 mins delays. 
Update:-18 June translated from
The leader of SINTAC Filipe Rocha told Lusa that joining the airline strike in the Azores "is around 100%" since the union members are just meet the minimum services that have been defined for the days of the strike, which ends June 28th.

So far, there have been delays on all flights assisted by ground staff to SINTAC affection, with special focus on airports Terceira, Faial and Santa Maria, the islands where the union has the most members.

The flights are arriving with delays to an hour and are not just SATA, since the ground personnel of the Azorean airline also makes assistance to TAP flights to and from the islands, said Filipe Rocha.

Joining the strike and the impact of downtime in these first hours of protest are expected by SINTAC, Filipe Rocha said, adding that in addition to being defined minimum services that the union will meet also "it is natural that the company go to protect" and has adopted "more or less legal measures to address the lack of strikers", replacing them with personal contracts or alleviating some of the safety routines.

The origin of this strike is an agreement signed between the management and unions SATA platform company in 2013, which aimed to compensate the workers of the regional airline by wage cuts from the state budget in return for greater productivity.

The asociados of SINTAC - that when the agreement was signed did not include union platform - however, rejected the understanding that consider illegal, and claim the application on the same SATA understanding signed in TAP.

The SATA postponed to a later comment on the strike's impact on its operation.

Update:-17 June 2014 Grumbling article Azorsdigital
Later found this article, strike to start midnight. translated
​The National Union of Civil Aviation (SINTAC) estimates that every flight assisted by SATA will be affected by this stoppage of affects the SINTAP workers, who are about 140, including TAP flights to the Azores.

Also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SATA, Louis Parreirão, admitted on Monday, told Lusa, some disturbances because of workers' strike SINTAC, formed mainly by ground staff.

In addition to minimum services have been set, the company is also "adopt measures" to avoid as much as possible "inconvenience" to passengers, he added.

The defined minimal services include a daily link to the mainland from Terceira, Sao Miguel and Faial, three flights a day on the links between the islands and the two Boston flights scheduled for this period.

The SINTAP has promoted four other stoppages in SATA but partial, and this full-time.

The leader of the National Union of Civil Aviation (SINTAC) Filipe Rocha said today Lusa that the strike remains, although the management has manifested on Monday it was willing to negotiate.

"The communication [the chairman of the board of directors of SATA] was taken to the media and we have not been addressed. Do not know how far it intends to negotiate, "said Filipe Rocha.

The chairman of the board of directors of SATA, Louis Parreirão, guaranteed, on Monday, told Lusa, be willing to negotiate with the SINTAC but safeguarded that there can be no "two systems" salary in the company.

Louis Parreirão revealed that, on the other hand, the company called on all unions representing workers SATA (including SINTAC) to a negotiating meeting on July 1 on the implementation of the State Budget 2014 on the conveyor, then the 'lead 'Constitutional Court (TC) to wage cuts.

Filipe Rocha believes that the president of SATA "makes it appear" that it is the same question "when it is not so."

For members of the SINTAC stressed, what matters is resolving a situation created in 2013, being "too painful."

The leader of SINTAC added that the company, failing to change the enterprise agreement, drafted a memorandum of understanding that "substantially alter" the rules of work, having certain amounts paid hereunder.

"This document is, however, illegal because it was not published in the bulletin of work and in the Official Journal of the Azores" he said.

Already Luis stressed that SATA signed in 2013 an agreement with all the unions that represented workers at the time the company aimed to compensate them, even partially, by the planned cuts in the state budget.

Later, he said, a group of union workers changed and joined him SINTAC, which reported that these employees do not accept the agreement, claiming the application of the same agreement that was achieved in TAP.

The SATA can not, however, accept this claim, the administrator stressed, saying it is "a firm word" respect the agreements they sign and can not, moreover, "have two regimes" in place.

​and SATA says:-From 18 to 28 June and SATA is facing a strike, which will impact the operation of our flights, especially with the departure / destination Terceira Island. 
Thus, SATA suggests that passengers with reservations for this period, attend much earlier at the airport for check-in procedures. SATA is making every effort to minimize the situations of disorder that the strike is likely to cause its passengers, alerting, already, for the possibility of delays at check-in and baggage receipt. (SATA workers handle baggage handling)

For more information SATA suggests contact with the Contact Centre on 707 22 72 82.

This is not like to effect SATA International flights. 
Although SATA International does have direct flights to Ponta Delgada and Terceira, from Boston. Early yet, more news to come out closer to the date.

SATA Air Azores workers will strike from Wednesday 18 - 28 June Saturday. Call them ASAP. Your connection with SATA International to the Azores is in jeopardy. Follow along with us here or at our front page Easy Travel Report
Contact SATA

Portuguese Airports: served by SATA Air Acores - destinations.
Azores:- Corvo Airport, Flores Airport, Graciosa, Horta, Pico, Ponta Delgada, Santa Maria, Sao Jorge Airport, Lajes Field.

Madeira:-Funchal- Madeira Airport and Porto Santo Airport

Spain Gran Canaria - Las Palmas Airport and Tenerife South Airport
and as far away as 
Boston Logan International, USA
Festival time in the Azores - busy tourists season.

11 April 2014 Sata Azores ground crews, new strikes planned at important regional events till the end of the year. Dates are set, but not disclosed. The National Union of Civil Aviation (SINTAC) has already announced April 17 to May 15 passengers will experience four hour daily partial shut downs. Two hours in the beginning of shift and two hours at the end of shift. 
Strikes localized on Terceira and Santa Maria.
SATA is worried about festivals in Sao Miguel. Starting May 22 for five days, Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres and SATA Rally Azores competition on May 15, 2014.

Last years industrial actions 2013
26 December Airport workers causing two hour delays, try to relax, bring a book. Feel bad for the passengers who have connecting flights. This nonsense to go on till January 6, 2014

Portuguese Baggage Handlers Strike
Update:- 24 December TAP not expected to be effected. Portuguese airport authority wants you to come to the airport early and call to confirm flight.

December 21, 2013 SATA Airline strike since Thursday. Flights delayed 2 1/2 hours on average. Go slow industrial action on and off till January 6th, 2014. 90% of workers participation.
National Union of Civil Aviation (SINTAC)
See our front page for Groundforce strike

Old stuff some still relevant
September 7, 2013 Couple of strikes you should know that are coming up that might delay your flight. Tuesday, September 10, French air traffic control strike and on October 17 Pan European air traffic control strike. Both likely to send ripples around the nework.

                   Sata Strike
September 2, 2013 Sata Strike update:- SATA workers are on strike to overtime on weekends and holidays, an outage that began at 0.00 am on Sunday and should last until December 31. Sources of the unions and the company ensures that the strike will not have "major consequences" for the company, unless there are "irregularities in flight."                

                       Sata strike      
Workers SATA affects the National Union of Workers in Civil Aviation (SINTAC) today announced a strike of overtime and public holidays between September 1 and December 31 ie:-
Monday10/06/2013Portugal Day
Thursday 15/08/2013Assumption of Mary
Saturday 05/10/2013Republic Day Portugal
Friday01/11/2013All Saints
Sunday01/12/2013Portuguese Restoration War
Sunday08/12/2013Immaculate Conception
Not a public holiday - Tuesday, December 31, New Years Eve?
(TAP workers might be sympathetic)

​Old industrial actions
Portuguese Baggage Handlers Strike
Update:-28 August, 2013 Strike has been postponed for talks.  Lucky you, now it's some other travellers problem. We will be watching to see what the talks bring.

22 August 2013 Groundforce baggage handlers back on strike. This time it will be three days. Last strike only hit Lisbon airport, with minimal delays. In other words strike was not as successful as they intended. Not enough worker participation.
Portuguese baggage handlers will strike
August 30, 31 and
September 1st.
No times given yet. Follow along with us Groundforce strike

12 August 2013 Portuguese Groundforce (baggage handlers) workers will be on strike this Thursday, August 15, 2013. Workers have concerns over health and their status as human beings. (How strange, what does it mean? This is the exact date as last year, next year will be a Friday and will draw more concern)PS Public holiday.

Old issues
Update:-Friday, June 28 Today we learned Lisbon airport is still in a state of confusion. TAP flights were still not back to normal in the afternoon. Flights leaving three hours late. Here is a link for Faro departure board  and Lisbon departure boardTaking advantage of yesterdays strike and a go slow in effect today. Still flights are slowly getting back to normal in.

* 9 June 2013 French air traffic controllers strike this week, other countries atc will be striking that includes Portuguese air traffic controllers. Dates and times for Portugal we don't have yet.

            Portuguese General strike - 24 hour
June 4, 2013 Sata International and SATA Azores flights will be upset Thursday, June 27, 2013. 
Portugal will have a general strike that day. So Your flight could well be brought forward, cancelled or delayed. Strike will likely effect flights starting night before, Wednesday evening. Strike will be over by Friday noon and flights back to normal shortly after. Flights to the Islands, Madeira and Azores might be down to one a day.  
Another scenario flights might be cancelled for a few hours, then air traffic controllers another four hours....
May 24, 2013 Good news, SATA International (only) pilots sign a preliminary agreement with management.
May 8 No strike action in the news today.
Sata will offer daily flights from Boston this summer.

May 7 Couple of flights cancelled today Lisbon - Horta and Ponta Delgada to Amsterdam due to aircraft malfunctions.  Otherwise all has been quiet.

May 2 Strike is on, minimal service in effect 
SATA site Will last till Saturday. 
What's unions next move?

May 1 Management usual mandatory "We are open for negotiations". Strike will start at midnight tonight. Neither party flinched.

Question from a viewer. When is the deadline for canceling May 3 Flight 4220 and receiving refund? Anybody?

April 30 Country wakes up to an earthquake, 5.9 Richter scale. Epicenter, ocean 60 kilometers south of Sao Miguel Island. It was not the baggage handlers going back to work at João Paulo II Airport - Ponta Delgada.

Sata unions and management will sit down for a meeting this afternoon. Fingers crossed. Update:-Meeting lasted 7 hours, no changes.
April 29 We've got an update today via a frustrated fellow traveler. New SATA info up.

April 23 Exhausted Sata and probably TAP passengers put on a ship to the islands today and bad weather rtp and rtp
Portuguese Football Federation cancel games planned for SATA strike days.

April 17 SATA management sends the five unions involved in strike action letters. Management basically stating they are open for negotiations. Hoteliers receiving cancellations.

SATA Azores and SATA International pilots and cabin crew have voted to strike on:-
Tuesday April 23, 2013
Wednesday April 24

Thursday April 25 (How ironic, you are held captive on Freedom Day, national public holiday)

Thursday May 2, 2013
Friday May 3
Saturday May 4

Let's hope this blows over, still early enough to make a deal with management.

Portugal TAP Airline Sata Easter baggage handlers Azores dispute see TAP

20 March 2013 SATA pilots agree to a deal. Strike is cancelled. Nice Easter gift. Flights ready to go.

15 March late this evening TAP Portugal cancelled strike. We don't know about SATA yet, hopefully they also will cancel.
15 March 2013 Update:- Here's what we've been waiting for
and here is the translation 
and here's what TAP have to say.
Sata says call them Contact Center (+351 296 209 720) or your travel agent.
Point of no return has happened, in other words if they cancel strike, expect delays while planes get back to airports and crews come together. 

March 6 SATA Açores and SATA Internacional will strike with TAP airlines. Tap strike to strike are March 21-23.
SATA website recommending Contact Center (+351 296 209 720) or travel agents.
Will post more information as it becomes available. Check your travel plans to airports, Portuguese trains and subway's striking this month.

            SATA International 
" Pre-warning strike "
The National Union of Flight Personnel Civil Aviation delivered notice of strike to be held indefinitely, beginning on February 14, decreeing it to all flights SATA Internacional.
Looking for more information.

Old industrial actions
November 7, 2012 Sata warns passengers who are traveling November 14 to change flight for another day.
Pan European Day of Strike Action

Old Stuff
30 July 2012 Announced today's strike has been cancelled.

SATA Air Azores 
Cabin crew will strike for four days. 
Tuesday and Wednesday 31 July or 1 Aug
Friday 10 and Saturday 11 August 2012
Call them. No air traffic will be going back and forward to the islands. Call them ASAP, particularly if taking a SATA International flight, connecting.

 15 June SATA Air Açores Union SNPVAC, gives management 30 days to resolve issues if not "notice of strike for July 31, 01, 10 and 11 August."

Update:28 June 2012 Good news for Portugal. Portuguese air traffic controllers and airport workers have cancelled strike planned for later this month. SATA pilots threat still on. 
19 June 2012 New couple of issues you should be aware about if traveling this summer with SATA.

1. SATA Air Açores Union SNPVAC, gives management 30 days to resolve issues if not "notice of strike for July 31, 01, 10 and 11 August." Tap Airlines pilots also threaten strike. 

Portuguese airport workers and air traffic control will strike Portugal and Madeira 
Portuguese air traffic control strike and other Portuguese airport workers will strike
29 June - 3 July.
Friday 29 June 06:00 to 12:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00
Saturday 30 June 06:00 to 12:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00
Sunday 1 July 06:00 to 12:00 and 17:00 to 21:00.
Monday 2 July 06:00 to 12:00 and 17:00 to 21:00.
Tuesday 3 July 06:00 to 12:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00
All Portuguese airport workers will be on strike 2 July in the morning only. If you are flying in/out Portugal on the 2 July, change your flight now at your convenience and not someone else's. 

29 and 30 June, 3 July (for the three days between 05:00 and 11:00 and between 17:00 to 21:00), 
July 1 and 2 July (from 05:00 to 11:00 and 16:00 to 22:00).

Old Stuff
The NAV of workers in mainland Portugal and Madeira will be on strike on 29 and 30 June and 3 July, from 06:00 to 12:00 and from 18:00 to 22:00, returning to stop the 01 and 02 July, from 06:00 to 12:00 and 17:00 to 21:00.

NAV at the premises of the Azores, the strike will cover the 29 and 30 June 03 July (for the three days between 05:00 and 11:00 and between 17:00 to 21:00), 01 and 02 July (from 05:00 to 11:00 and 16:00 to 22:00).

pilots threat to strike:-
27,28,29 April, May 11,12,13,18,19 and 20
(New dates in Portuguese's air traffic control strike 

9 May Update:-New Portuguese airport strike 18 May

8 May This time it's your time to have some luck. SATA pilots May 11,12 and 13 called off. Still on however is 18,19 and 20 May.

25 April 2012 Update:-First of the three strikes has been cancelled. You got lucky. See article at Portuguese American Journal    

No times given, think anywhere from 24 hours or random 2-3 hours. EasyJet Madrid will also strike 27 April week-end.

Update:23 April All parties met today, no deals made.

Update:-Thursday 19 April latest is all parties will meet next Thursday 26 April to put a stop to the strike. Cutting it close. 

Update:-Wednesday 18 April Today it's announced that SATA Açores will join in 10-13 May. If talks don't succeed then you will be stranded in the Azores. 
By the way this co-incides with Feast of the Holy Christ of Miracles.

Update:-Monday 16 April No news out yet, except SATA will fly new route to Munich.

Monday all parties will meet that's management and Union of Civil Aviation pilots (spac)

This will not clash with any Portuguese air traffic control strikes. They "should end" 26 April, unless of course they are renewed, highly possible.

SATA International Portuguese airports that may be involved will be Funchal, Ponta Delgada, Terceira Lajes, Santa Maria, Porto Francisco sa Carneiro, Lisbon Portela de Sacavem, Faro and Horta.

SATA International flights from could be cancelled:-
Denmark, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Grand Canaries, Sweden. Check this site out ch.aviation

12 April announced today SATA International airline and SATA Açores pilots threat strike.

Friday 27 April 2012 (same day as Iberia Airlines strike)
Saturday 28 April 2012
Sunday 29 April 2012

Friday, 11 May, 2012 (same as Iberia Airlines strike)
Saturday 12 May 2012
Sunday 13 May 2012

Friday 18 May 2012 (same as Iberia Airlines strike)
Saturday 19 May 2012
Sunday  20 May 2012

As you can see by this list SATA International has extensive routes.''

January 16, 2010 European Investment Bank has given EUR 37 million loan to SATA Air Azores to buy four brand spanking new fuel efficient turboprop planes. Will replace those old junks. Aircraft will be based in Ponta Delgada. Nice, see you are valued.

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