Iberia - Comment from a viewer of Easy Travel Report
trying to be helpful

Hi Penny,
Thought you might like to hear this!.
We spoke with Iberia and expressed our willingness to give up our seats Rio to London via Madrid if we could transfer to BA and fly direct to London. The idea was to free up a couple of Iberia seats and help with rescheduling to reduce the effects of the strike on passengers. The initial response was very favourable, seats were available with BA and in fact were reserved for us. The Iberia operator said she would need to clear it with her supervisor and would call us back first thing this morning. She did ring back to say her supervisor said it was not possible because it was another airline and flight and not Iberia, despite seats having been reserved for us and the fact that BA and Iberia are now one company.
I think this supervisor was very pro the strike and did not want to do anything that would reduce the effect of the strike on passengers inconvenience. Apparently she must be unaware that BA and Iberia are one airline company. What is the advantage of amalgamation if it is not possible to transfer between flights BA or Iberia. One thing for sure if it was up to me, this supervisor would be top of the list for  inefficiency and illogical reasoning.