Spain Almería Airport Strike Action

Spanish air traffic control strikes are planned June 2015. Your flight to and from Almeria will likely be disrupted, follow along with us
Spanish air traffic control strike 2015

Old strikes from 2014
Swissport Ramp and baggage handlers strike. Call your airline for instructions.
​Almeria Airport
Strike begins:- 
March 4 9am - 5:30pm
March 10 9am - 9pm
March 14 Noon - 2:30pm
March 19 8am - 9pm
March 23 9am - 2:30pm
March 28 9am - 9pm
March 31 9am - 8pm
Easter April 6 9am - 2:30pm

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July 3, 2013 Almeria Airport back in the news today. Airport to be hit by Spanish baggage handlers strike action. Swissport workers will strike at Almeria Airport  July 4 and 11th for 24 hours.

Some airlines have different baggage handlers, not sure if this is the case at Almeria Airport or if Swissport has a monopoly at this airport. 

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Just stay in close contact with your airline

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Travel Industrial Action strike this week 2015
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