Norwegian Government owned Airport run by Avinor. Alta Airport has a single runway.

Balkan Holidays Burgas[charter]
Norwegian Air Shuttle Oslo-Gardermoen, Tromsø
Scandinavian Airlines Oslo-Gardermoen, Tromsø Widerøe Båtsfjord, Hammerfest, Kirkenes, Lakselv, Sørkjosen, Tromsø, Vadsø

Norwegian Airport strike tomorrow 28 January, 2015 from local time, 4pm - 6pm. You should also know that public transportation are striking. Call your airline. See Easy Travel Report

Old industrial actions for 2014
29 July 2012 You should know that Oslo airport, air traffic controllers have been short staffed and flights have been delayed.
4 June 2012 Airport security guard  strike. Stay in touch with your airline and Avinor. If no gains in negotiations expect this airport to be closed tomorrow and flights will operate from Lakselv by shuttle bus.

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Alta Airport Strike Norway, flights cancelled.

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