23 Aug, 2018 A strike by Ilunion, Spanish airport security workers was planned to start tomorrow in Madrid, Barcelona and Gran Canaria. Thank goodness it has been cancelled.
You still have to be on your toes if traveling/connecting to Santander Airport as workers there still threatens action.
Can't but help compare to a year ago can you.

Strikes from 2018
Airport Security Strike Thursday, September 7th.
Today, 25 August, 2017 several unions have called for strike action at Las Palmas - Gran Canaria Airport - CCOO, UGT, Intersindical Canaria, USO and Alternative Sindical and they mean business. Strike is against several airport security companies. Stay in close contact with your airline.
(More news to come out regarding hours and minimal service. Only one day?)

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Las Palmas Airport Strike - Gran Canaria Airport Strikes

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