Lufthansa pilot strike will effect your trip to Germany. Stay on top of it at Lufthansa strike

Last years 2014
23 March 2014 Frankfurt airport workers to strike this Thursday, March 27th. Expect severe delays. Can you change your flight?

Last year 2013 industrial actions
August 23, 2013 Lack of air traffic control staff at Oslo airport. Flight delays between 13:00 aNd 19:00 UTC
Old industrial actions for 2013
April 7, Deal made with employees, no strike to take place.
April 3, 2013 Norwegian unions on the war path. Oslo airport likely to strike Monday, April 8, along with public transportation, buses, ferries. Talks will go into the week-end, till midnight Sunday. If leaving for the airport we recommend staying at an airport hotel Sunday night. If you are on an incoming flight, worst case scenario it is cancelled. Be prepared for extra traffic on the roads, traffic jams. We will update as the news comes out

Old Industrial actions
30 July 2012 Flights have been delayed lately due to shortages of air traffic controllers.

9 June Strike over, you are good to go. SAS and Norwegian will not have any strike action. Airport security strike called off. You may have delays due to air traffic control not having enough staff.

7 June Security strike still going on.

Tuesday 5 June Not much news today except Finnair mechanics are on strike. Passengers will be looking for airline seats if strike persists. 

Monday 4 June update from Fox Business News today. Strike has spread to other airports.
Alta and Sandnessjoen airports in northern Norway and Kristiansund on the west coast canceled all flights, while Haugesund and Aalesund in the west and Bodoe and Tromsoe in the north were operating with very low capacity, airport authority.

Sunday 3 June Strike still going on, expect to have delays on Monday. Airline flights effected,
United Airlines, Air Berlin, British Airways, Lufthansa expect delays. Popular routes include Amsterdam, Denmark, Sweden and London Heathrow. Long lines for security and cruise ships have been modifying routes.

31 May 2012 Oslo Airport strike tomorrow, 1, June from 5am to 9 PM, local time, by airport security. Leave for airport extra early, give yourself enough time to get through security. Call your airline, your flight may have been changed.

Flights have been scaled back either earlier, cancelled or will leave later or fly the next day.
Oslo Airport say 

Who else is on strike today?
What's your airline up to?
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