Hurricane season June to November.

Antigua Observer
Liat Airlines (based in  Antigua)
Liat Airlines Strike
November 10, 2013 All operations back to normal. November 8 Nevis service suspended Caribbean News Now
November 6 See ETR Liat page for latest
November 5, 3013 Liat Airlines, pilot strike see advisory  LIAT   wishes to advise passengers who decide to travel but are unable to complete their journey due to the disruption, will not be provided with meals, transportation, hotel accommodation, etc. Passengers with onward connections are advised to contact their respective carriers.          
Keeping this info up.
Information for passengers LIAT Call Centre from 7:15am: – from Antigua – 1-268-480-5582; toll free from the rest of the Caribbean – 1-888-844-5428 and from Puerto Rico and the 
US Virgin Islands – 1-866-549-5428
Some of you may have trouble getting back to mainland U.S when Liat strike, forcing you to miss your international flight.
Nassau airport
Lynden Pindling International Airport

Local newspapers
Freeport News

28 February 2014 Tankers stopped work 
20 February 2014 Flying into Jamaica?  Tanker driver strike - petrol stations empty.

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Regarding Chinese air space, 80% of it is taken up by Chinese military jets. A high percentage of civilian air traffic gets delayed because airports have lack of equipment for bad weather. Be prepared for a delay in your flight and angry Chinese passengers, don't be pushed around.

December 5, 2013 Just what's going on with the Chinese air space LA Times

High speed rail Shijiazhuang Zhengding International Airport airrailnews

Stunning stats out for drunk driving in Xiamen/Amoy SE China, 80% of car accidents due to alcohol

China to build 70 new airports by 2015.

General elections planned mid April 2014

Monsoon Season end of May till September. Mumbai airport runway had to close several times last year due to Monsoon caused potholes.
October 25, 2013 Chennai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Lucknow airports to be privatized. Workers on hunger strike. Managements state contingency plan in place. Issue likely to get worse.  Update Privatization put on hold!

Going to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport? Passengers missing flights Article from Times of India

Flying in out of India? Don't get caught. In view of ATC Regulations, check in counters will close 40 minutes prior departure for domestic flights and 60 minutes prior departure for International flights at all Indian airports. All airlines to abide by new rules.

Worlds most heavily bombed nation. Millions of tons of unexploded bombs litter the landscape. Stay on the roads, travel well used routes/paths. Absolutely no running bare foot through a field.

Lets go tubing and drink scorpion snake infused whisky

Still building the worlds biggest low cost airport, to be opened perhaps second quarter of this year 2014 and Bangkok Post  Malaysia Airports

Malindo Airline strike The Star

Out of a dictatorship. Islamic society, strike threats left right and center. Watch yourself.

December 2013 Nepal Airlines banned from flying to EU

South Korea
Fingerprint Recognition for South Korean Airports

Incheon hosting 17th Asian Games from September 19, 2014 to Oct 4, 2014

31 March 2014 Thai Airways ground staff threaten strike action. All parties will meet April 12, 2014 and probably strike the following day.

Turkish Airline Strike
Other airline companies that owned or co-owned by Turkish Airlines include AnadoluJet, SunExpress, Cyprus Turkish Airlines and North Cyprus Airlines.

​                       Greek Strikes
Piraeus road works, detours in effect till the end of March.
14 April 2014 Greek Railway Strike over Easter. The Panhellenic Federation of Railway Workers (POS) calling for a strike over Easter 
Greek Reporter

Sold 915 euros. 31 March 2014 Some good news jobs, jobs, jobs. UAE backed company put only bid in to buy former Athens airport of Hellenikon. Came upon this gem Forgotten Airfields

4/4/2014 TrainOSE - 24 hour train strike Wednesday 9, April 2014. Trains will start powering down Tuesday evening. More train strikes planned over Greek Orthodox Easter  TrainOSE 

Athens airport Departures
Greek Air Traffic Controllers  GATCA
Aegean Airlines 
Olympic Air
Hellenic Railways (OSE)  (Trainose  up for sale, real gem)
Bulgarian State Railway BDZ
Ktel booking site
Athens Urban Transport Organization.  
Bus lines
Piraeus-Kifissia urban electric railway (ISAP)
Greek newspapers Ekathimerini 
Athens Angloinfo Hardcore, love it
A top notch site
Twitter carpooling
Looking for a taxi or limo? As well as coaches or mini-buses are available upon request. Stargroup's minibuses will be working during strike.

Keep a beady eye on Athens Int. departures, and Thessaloniki Int. Airport departures give you an idea if they are moving or not.  

Reminder:-You may find a taxi hard to find during a general strike. Referred by a fellow traveler

You may find archaeological sites and state museums closed during a general strike. When public transport are striking expect Athens to have extra traffic on roads, traffic jams.

Summer schedule:-April 1 - October 31 Greek museums and archaeological sites now open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm.
Greek taxi strike?
Be prepared for delays, leave for airport early. Traffic to Athens airport maybe down to one lane. You may find ports blocked and have to lug your luggage. (Last Greek taxi strike information)

Greek customs border strike? Will effect travel between Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia (Macedonia), Turkey. Trucks with perishables may get a pass and passengers by humanitarian needs only. 

Cruise goers, check Cruise Critic  very informative site.
Minoen Lines

Aer Lingus new luggage policy 
The Independent
Dates to keep in mind
​17th March Monday, St. Patrick's Day
Easter Friday 18th April and
Easter Monday 21st April, 2014

Aer Lingus Strike page
Dublin Airport Strike page
Shannon Airport Strike page

                         Aer Lingus Strike
Dublin Airport, Cork and Shannon Airport Strike
Friday, 14th March 2014 from 5am and 9am, expect more strikes to come. Here's what Siptu has to say

13 March 2014 Aer Lingus strike Friday, March 21st and Monday March 24th. 6 hour stretches. More news to be released. 

​Wednesday, 12 March 2014 Irish judges decided strike was illegal. Irish airports open for business on  Friday. Call your airline to confirm, you are good to go.

Tuesday 11th March Talks still on going. Decision to come tomorrow. Ryanair has list of effected flights. 

Monday 10th March Still waiting judges ruling. Meeting took place today. In the mean time. Aer Lingus Transatlantic flights will leave perhaps a little earlier or later than usual. Short hauls have been cancelled. Aer Lingus alone has rescheduled 3,000 passengers. 
Even if courts deem strike illegal, it will come too late for airline to re-book passengers. Then you have the knock on effect. More strikes are likely to come.

Friday, 7th March Ryanair and Dublin Airport Authority trying to get the strike deemed illegal.

Thursday, 6th March Article regarding Aer Lingus flights The Independent

Monday, 3 March Irish government in emergency meetings.

Monday, 24 February, Aer Lingus and union heads meet Thursday 26th. 

21 February 2014 Update:-Shannon engineers cancel strike action for more talks, other unions expected to collaborate. Otherwise nothing new in the news this week just sabre rattling.

17 February 2014 First workers to hand in a strike date. Shannon air craft mechanics given strike notice:-
Four hour strike to take place Tuesday, March 4th and a ban on all future overtime. Siptu 
More strike action likely to take place in the future. Possible St Patricks Day week-end. 
Aer Lingus and Irish Airport Strike
Cork, Dublin and Shannon Airports will be striking.
Update 11th February 2014 Regardless of legal threats by management, union votes have been tallied - Dublin and Cork airport workers will be striking. No date set - yet. Siptu press release
Also Aer Lingus ground crews. Shannon Airport mechanics have voted for strike action. Look for strike action around St Patricks Day.

All in all make plans for being delayed for several days. If flying with Aer Lingus perhaps you could change your flight to fly from or to Belfast International  Northern Ireland and destination map. Other airlines that fly out of Belfast are Easyjet, Jet2, Thomas Cook, United Airlines, Thomson Airways.
George Best Belfast City Airport
Aer Lingus to Heathrow an Gatwick
British Airways to Heathrow
Citywing to Blackpool and Isle of Man
Flybe Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Exeter, Glasgow, Inverness, Leeds, Gatwick (ends March 2014), Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne and Southampton. 

Ferries to Liverpool, France or Scotland. Thousands of passengers expected to be hit by this world wide.
No strike date set yet.

Issue over pension plan (shortfall of €780 million) has not gone away over the years. 

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Bragging Rights:-

Travel  and  Leisure Magazine                 

Thank you. 
Amy Farley from Travel and Leisure for giving us a shout out.

"What to Do if an Airline Strike Cancels Your Flight"

JohnnyJet is a very well respected site and we are thankful they gave us "Website of the WEEK" Yes, us, they've even given us a compliment.  

We can't answer this one "Have kids ever gone on strike?"
How to reassure a passenger if the fuel runs out?
We don't know "Where to buy Lucky Strikes in Tunisia?"

Easy Travel Report 
Industrial Action Strike Guide for 2012

Came across this website this week.
Perfect match for viewers of Easy Travel Report

Dear Fellow Travelers, 
Give us suggestions. Are we on the right track? What would you like to see? Keep it clean! We hope you've found this information useful. Help us get the word out.

Do send us any industrial action that your participating in either intentional or accidental! Your feed back is vital to us. Particularly what we've missed! We love a good correction. Keep sending your articles in.

To our critics, our readers just want to know what to expect, no more, no less. When holidaymaker's go on vacation they have little tolerance for hanging out in ports, airports, train stations and incurring extra costs with hotels and alternative transportation. They just want to sit on the beach with the kids and support your economy. No vendetta here. 

Viewer called us the drudge of travel, very witty... We wish.
Another viewer "not exactly drop dead gorgeous, but gets the point across" and another "A really useful site (though guaranteed to give you a few sleepless nights!!!). Will definitely check regularly on this one".

Jeez, thanks..

Another viewer
I appreciate what you are doing and I agree totally with your sentiment.
I am an international traveler for business on average one international trip a week, all year long.(maybe more lately).

I have been extremely inconvenienced like yourselves. I have slept on the floor in Narita airport, I have been treated as an animal in a mob of passengers at Milan Malpensa, and scrambled for an emergency place to
stay near JFK, etc, etc.

Can't you just feel this passengers pain.

From Karen:-I just want to thank you for the warning...unfortunately, I did not heed it, and my husband and I, traveling from Nice to Savona, Italy, were kicked off the train at the last stop in France, Menton, along with 3 others, with no prior warning of any troubles ahead. There WAS a strike in Italy, and we had to catch a cruise that evening, so ended up splurging on a taxi to Savona. But this is a great website...keep up the good work!! We went to the Nice train station to buy tickets a couple of days before we planned to travel to Savona, and I even asked at that time if there was any word of a strike in Italy.  The man looked at me and said in a very disinterested manner, "We do not know about Italy.  We sell French tickets.".   Well, OK then!!  
Our table mates on the ship had a flight cancellation on Iberia for their return, which was to be on Easter Sunday.  They ended up leaving the ship early, in Marseille, in order to get home.  Too bad....

Do you have a particular app that you can't live without?

​Why do we leave this up you ask? Because travel agents, insurance companies and passengers refer to it. 
We get emails on a regular basis asking did this strike really happen or I need proof it happened?

Penny Ciocchi @ Easy Travel Report
Thanks for all your encouragement. Got something to say? Send us your tips, gripes.  We don't have eyes in the back of our head. Awkward.

               London Underground Strike
Confirm travel plans to and from London's Heathrow, Gatwick and London City Airports. A well run contingency plan will be in place. Be prepared to be shuffled by replacement buses. Long traffic jams, taxi shortages and frustrated commuters piling on to other forms of public transportation. Strikes start:-
9 PM Monday, April 28th for two days. (Attention:-29th Heathrow Express strike)
9 PM Monday, May 5th for three days.


                Heathrow Express Strike
Strike dates are in:-48 hour strike starting 3am on Tuesday, 29 April. (Buyingbusinesstravel)Bad news, same day as London Underground strike. Heathrow Express will have a contingency plan in place. 
16 April 2014 Train drivers threaten strike action. No strike date set yet.
Heathrow Express
National Rail Enquiries

British Airways departures and arrivals
Manchester Airport delays?
Gatwick Airport 
Gatwick Express
UK "premium fast-track processing" Dailymail

Reminder regarding liquids AOL
Heathrow Airport Guide
Heathrow Airport Parking
Heathrow Airport delays?
Stansted Airport delays?
Luton Airport delays?
NATS Air traffic controllers.
London Gatwick Airport is a single runway airport. If anything goes wrong with an aircraft on the runway, you will be severely delayed.

Finnair recently voted safest airline. Finnair transported 8.8 million passengers to over 60 European and 15 Asian destinations in 2012.
Helsinki Vanta Airport  Brussels Airport  
SAS Finnair Flybe Blue1
Codeshares with Aeroflot, Air China, Air France, Bangkok Airways, Belavia, Czech Airlines, Flybe Nordic, Icelandair, Rossiya, TAP Portugal.
Oneworld airline alliance member.

14 April 2014 CGT Union state any further action unlikely.
Argentina Airports
No flights as Aviation Technicians Association (APTA ), aeronautical technicians, aircraft dispatchers and air traffic controllers will be on strike Thursday 10th. Buenos Aires subway workers will be on strike. Trains will be affected also. ATM's will be empty.

Air analyst Jon Duey from Globus family of brands:-Globus, Cosmos, Monograms and Avalon warns us 

Aerolineas Argentinas is anticipating there will be a general strike in Argentina on Thursday April 10. Most, if not all flights will be or already have been canceled. Some of the evening flights might be rescheduled to depart after midnight.

For those with reservations on April 10, you can either process a refund or book the passenger(s) between today and April 14, without a penalty or any fare difference. If the same class of service is not available please contact Sales Support. You will also need to contact Sales Support to have tickets revalidated.

Please share this information with everyone that needs to know.

If you have any questions, contact Sales Support by phone or email.

SalesSupport@us.aer or 1-800-333-5855. or 1-800-333-5855. or 1-800-333-5855. or 1-800-333-5855. or or 1-800-333-5855. or 1-800-333-5855.

Coming to the World Cup? Get the Yellow Fever vaccine or booster. CDC Bring mosquito repellent.

Delays threaten airport operations

Brazilian newspapers
TAM  GOL   LAN  Spirit Airlines

Brazil airports TAP Portugal Strike

Brazil has World Cup 2014 and Olympics  2016, airports sub-standard and the clocks a ticking. Government owned Infraero owns 67 airports. New President Rousseff will privatize new terminals in Sao Paulo. Brazilian unions will have a lot to digest this year.

Brazilians will spend $66 billion on airports, railways, waterways and public transportation. 6,000 miles of new train tracks. Country is in an economic down turn.

Sao Paulo opening match of the World Cup on June 12, 2014

Fortaleza Pinto Martins Airport will have a huge tent to accommodate football fans. It's going to be hot, lets hope it's got A/C. UK Olympics did the same thing at Heathrow for the Olympiads.
Check out this Azul Airlines free shuttle to airport, run by x CEO for Jet Blue 
Brazil's TAM and Chili's LAN are to merge, making it largest carrier in South America. LATAM Airlines.

LAN Express list of cancellations LAN TAM Based out of Santiago Airport see what airport has to say.
7 April, 2014 LAN Express airline workers on strike. 87 Flights cancelled so far.
Cabin crew will strike midnight tonight. Talks are on going. See I love Chile

Confusing, don't miss your flight March 8th - April 26th Time change Santiago Times

Silvio Pettirossi International Airport

January 24, 2014 Ecuadorian airline Tame suspends flights to Venezuela along with Air Canada. Venezuelan government owes $43 million. Venezuela owes 3 Billion dollars to foreign airlines.

Brand new Willy Brandt airport officials delay opening ETR

March 2014 2.1 million German civil servants in contract talks. Next meeting to take place March 31. 

Germania Airline   
Air Berlin   
DB Bahn   
German Weather
Dusseldorf Airport departures       
Frankfurt Airport departures
Fraport Owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport
​What's the weather going to be?
Local paper
High Speed Rail Thayls Ice Eurostar
Lufthansa site 
​Germanwings site Condor  
Star Alliance member
Austrian Airlines
​Air Dolomiti

​           Lufthansa Germanwings Pilot Strike
Friday, 28 March, 2014 German airline pilots announce strike dates. Strikes Start midnight Wednesday April 2nd and will end Friday, midnight the 4th of April. Local time. 

Update:-21 March 2014 As expected Lufthansa pilots vote for strike action after two years of negotiations. Lufthansa pilots promise to give 48 hours notice of strike action. Shocking yes, but they don't have to. Make sure you have a plan B. In the past it's been hard to find a hotel room or car rental and not just in Germany. Make sure you have a German visa so you can leave international arrivals for a hotel, rather than sleep on a cot in arrivals. Perhaps book a hotel at both ends of your trip and cancel on the day. We will be updating as the news comes.
Expect Ryanair, AF, EasyJet and BA to put on extra planes to catch windfall of new passengers. German railway's Deutsche Bahn will also put on extra rail cars if given enough warning. 

5.400 Pilots at Lufthansa, Germanwings being balloted for strike action. Voting results out March, 21, 2014. Follow along with us 
Lufthansa Strike

Monday, 24 March 2014 Cargo handlers strike at Schiphol Airport day 6. Threatens to spread to passengers.


Brussels Airport 
Brussels Airport Zaventem 50Km south of Brussels.
Brussels airport Departures Rail link for Brussels Airport Diabolo Rail Link
Liege Airport arrivals and departures. 
South Charleroi Airport departures and arrivals.

Belgian Railways  NMBS  SNCB in French.
ICE Frankfurt, Köln/Cologne 
Eurostar:-London- Paris will be fine. Further on Eurostar may terminate in Lille like last strike. Rest of journey with buses.
Thalys:-Paris, Köln/Cologne, Aachen, Amsterdam perhaps no service Brussels Paris Amsterdam and Cologne 
TGV Lyon, Bordeaux, Paris-CDG airport
Zürich, Switzerland, via Luxembourg, two trains daily
Amsterdam, Luxembourg run every hour.


We recommend you book a hotel at your airports for just in case. Cancel as you see fit.

Comboios de Portugal Portuguese rail company.
Call Centre (808 208 208)
Lan Airlines Goes to South America, but you would have to catch flight from Madrid, Spain. 
Tap Portugal   Who does TAP code-share with?
Check TAP Twitter stream
TST - Transportes Sul do Tejo

SATA Strike page
TAP Portugal Strike

TAP Portugal
19 December 2013 Things looking up for TAP. Possible buyer from Brazil/Colombia. Tap's competition - LOT Polish Airlines and Alitalia which are also up for sale.

27 September  2012 TAP airline up for sale
likely buyers IAG (own Iberia and BA and a percentage of Vueling) Lufthansa and Avianca - Taca, Brazilian. Update February:-Only one offer made, which was rejected came from a Brazilian investor but still may happen.

Airline will be sold by the end of the year. Are you booked with this airline for the holidays? If so, get travel insurance. Book a hotel at your airport at either end of your trip. Only cancel when you know you are safely online for your flight. Make sure you've got room on your credit card for unexplained expenses. Save all receipts. Issue will not be civil with employees. Codeshare with some huge airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa, United Airlines to name a few. 

Flights with Carpatair might be delayed due to codesharing with Italian Airline Alitalia
Geneva airport departures
​Owing to the organisation of the 84rd International Motor Show and Accessories, which will be held from 4 to 16 March 2014 at Palexpo, access to Genève Aéroport by road will be difficult at certain times of the day. Moreover, during that period, the airport car parks are often full.

​9 March 2014 Sunday, Wildcat baggage handlers strike today at Geneva Airport. 10 am to Noon

Zurich Public Transport (VBZ)

Italian train strike see above Swiss trains can/will be delayed.

Kiev Airport    
​March 13, 2014 
Simferopol Airport is closed 
Sevastopol Airport is Closed

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​Federation of Independent Petrol stations recommends buying petrol on week-ends when it's cheaper.

Still time for these strikes to change.

       Italian air traffic controllers
Italian air traffic control strike planned for May 3, 2014.
Italian air traffic control (ENAV)

Saturday May 3, 2014 Florence Airport strike from Lunch time 12:30 -4:30 pm.

Saturday May 3, 2014 Linate and Malpensa Airport strike - "workers in the airline business" 12:30 - 4:30 Linate Airport Malpensa Airport

Friday, May 16, 2014 Naples, baggage handlers, 24 hour, call your airline, contingency plan might be in effect. See Naples airport strike 2014

Friday, May 16, 2014 Alitalia flight attendants strike nationwide from noon to 4pm. Not likely to hit international flights. We will follow along at Alitalia Strike 2014

Today's weather
Toll-free number 800.65.00.55 Alitalia
Aeroporti di Milano
Milan Malpensa airport departure delays?
Rome Fiumicino airport departure delays?
Venice Airport departure delays?
Turin airport
ENAC  Italian air traffic controllers

Rome guide Tourism and travel guide, find the best of Rome

Rome Public Transportation
Trenitalia call centre ( 800 892,021) 
Trenitalia Essential train service  book a guaranteed train, strike proof!
Ferrovie Dello Stato
Rome's Fiumicino Leonardo Express. Toll-free number 
(800 892021) to provide assistance to travelers.
Coming to Italy from Switzerland? Swiss Federal Railways can be delayed coming into Italy if an Italian rail strike is going on. 

Remember all Italian strikes are subject to change at the last minute! You will not be abandoned, by law a skeleton schedule must run. Book a strike proof train. 
Left up so you can get a general idea of how different areas handled the general strike. Of course this is only an example. (We've noticed a new trend lately by Italian railway/transport worker unions. They don't seem to like the predictability of the below and have now started causing a slightly more irritating stance. Where each city chooses when they will strike, no more in unisom. Can be as far out as a week from original date. We will conquer this.)
Public transportation strike
June 10, 2010 Friday, 25, June, Nationwide strike, Bus, metro, tram and trains, Trenitalia, 2-6pm, local cities will have own schedule for striking. Some services are guaranteed. Remember finding a taxi can be difficult. Try to get your hotel to book you one.
    * Bari from 20.00 to 24.00
    * Bologna from 19.30 to 23.30
    * Cagliari 9.00 to 13.00
    * Florence from 16.30 to 20.30
    * Genoa from 11.30 to 15.30
    * Milan from 18.00 to 22.00
    * Naples from 9:00 to 13
    * Palermo from 9.00 to 13.00
    * Rome from 8.30 to 12.30
    * Torino from 17:45 to 21:45
    * Venice from 10.00 to 13.00

Old information left up
Black Friday in Italy, May 24, transportation strike tomorrow. Get to your airport early, taxi's will be hard to find and may only take reservations only on strike days. Perhaps hotel concierge can help you out. Extra traffic on the roads. Buses, trams, trolley, subway and trains.
Transport will strike from 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. The strike picks up again after everyone is home for the night from 8PM till the end of service. Some transport will be running in between. Likely to effect long distant trains. Airport train Leonardo Express will be running, not as often, but will be running. Several protests are planned around the city, making maneuvering around Rome difficult.

  Milan airport strike 
Update Thursday Some 156 flights cancelled, 31 to and 37 from Malpensa. Linate 45 cancelled but 43 flights did leave the airport yesterday.
Wednesday, May 29, 2013 Milan airport strike,  Linate and Milan Malpensa workers will strike for 24 hours. Your flight will be subject to delay, cancellation or bought forward. Passengers should call your airline. See Twitter and airport websites. Call center 02.232323.
International flights will be delayed.

This is one of our favorite sites, bit different than the usual content.

May 2013 Israel to build two new ports israpundit

Update:-14 April 2014 Another civil servants strike is planned tomorrow. So far nothing in the news regarding Beirut Airport.
Tuesday, Beirut air traffic controllers to strike, 1 April, 2014. 10am - Noon. Middle East Airlines likely to take the brunt of any strike action. Has several flights to Germany - Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Berlin.

Syria finds time to launch new airline Kinda Airlines. Registered in Gambia office located in UAE. Routes Damascus, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq and future Lebanon and Jordon.

Not all profit at Emirates Cityam

Dubai International (base Emirates, Qantas and Flydubai) both runways will be closed for repairs 1, May 2014 to July 20. Three month shut down at a cost of $197 million. Flights will be diverted to Dubai World Central an hour away.

Big hit for all those Spanish Ma and Pa businesses. Ryanair reducing flights severely to Barcelona and Madrid after March 30, 2014. Airport taxes to double by July 1. 3.1 million passenger reduction 648 flights per week. 
Madrid Airport
Iberia Airlines site
Newspaper El Pais

New airline company Hispania Airways 

14 February 2014 Iberian pilots union SEPLA make deal with management. Wage freeze, cut by 14% (which is already in effect) till 2015. Further 4% cut of salary has been dropped. Deal still has to be signed off with union members.
Deals between ground staff and cabin crew still to be made. Airline must get it's act together before the World Cup.

El Hierro Volcano (Canary Islands): increase in lava balloons
Spanish car rentals
Spanish car rental rates have gone sky high due to fuel charges. Rates have tripled.
Value Added Tax increase end of September 2012. Price of your holiday goes up.
Hotels, hostels, restaurants, transportation buses and trains VAT will go up from 8% to 10% this also includes toilet paper. Alcohol and tobacco on the hand will go up from 18% to 21%.  murciatoday  
Scroll down for Asia  Africa

 North America (South America)

March 2014 United change carry on rules Dailymail
US hurricane season starts 1 June, till November, 30. This years predictions by NOAA  

Do you need a reliable local travel agent in New England, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine? Boston Red Sox tickets, Boston Bruins games or tours. Reliable source Milne Travel

Top ten most dangerous cities in USA. Dailymail

Shaky Airline Status

TSA Elderly can keep shoes on, but only in Chicago's O'Hare, Portland Oregon, Denver and Orlando. 

San Francisco International 2 or 4 runways will be closed, summer 2014 for repairs. May - September. Expect delays, less planes, bumping.

New Jersey
Serious problems to and from Newark Liberty International this summer 2014. May 1 - mid September. AirTrain will be closed for 75 days for repairs. AirTrain serves all airport terminals and links to Amtrak for the northeast corridor - Penn Station NYC. 

NYC, new, group taxi rides

Philly International
Update:-Thursday  April 10 Septa given final offer earlier in the week, no response from union. Remember extra traffic will be on the road if strike starts. Finding a taxi will be slim. Perhaps book a taxi to the airport. 
Update:-Sunday, April 6, 2014 All parties meet today in last ditch effort to stop strike tomorrow.
March, next month, Transport Workers Union local 234 TWA union, prepare SEPTA strike. Four contracts to be negotiated in the city. Trolley, train, buses and local railways contracts end 7 April. 

Life Lessons of a Military Wife Gives interesting travel tips

French strike
French travel 2014
May 13, 2013 Signed into law today. French law makers raise retirement age from 62 - 65. Not sitting well with French unions.
Impt. Hundreds of police on Paris streets. Bring inhaler, second year in a row Dailymail

Louvre patrolled by 20 policemen daily, museum is plagued by thieves, so watch your back, leave passport in hotel.

Easter Bullies CGT Union
Update:-18 April 2014 We've learned today that CGT union strike by baggage handlers will effect 13 airports in France today and tomorrow. 
Airports involved:- Ajaccio, Bastia, Montpellier , Nantes, Nice, Basel Mulhouse, Paris Orly, Strasbourg,
Toulon and Toulouse, Bordeaux , Lyon and Marseille.
Corsican airports hire temporary workers for the weekend - minimal delays. This is the same issue as last November and December last year. Happy Easter by the way.

Thursday, 17 April, 2014 Late notice as usual. Air France workers in Corsica threaten strike action starting midnight tonight at Bastia and Ajaccio Airports. Strike will last 48 hours. Strike will have far reaches Orly - Hop, Spain, Marseille, Charles de Gaulle - Call them. That's all we know. Perhaps it won't be a complete shutdown. We will update. Send us information people.
​Thursday, May 1 will see French workers demonstrating - Public holiday.

French union CGT 

                   Air France pilot strike
9 February 2014 Air France strike. Announced today pilot union SNPL have submitted strike action from Saturday, May 3 to Friday, May 30th! 
(ooooh Coinkydink See French public holiday's in May)
We will update as news comes in.
Alway's keep and eye on:-
SNCF infolignes
That's got to hurt, 160% rise in the beer tax Just-Drinks  
Viewer Ray. By the way some of the rail booking sites are very variable releasing timetables/prices due to all the ongoing engineering works on the French rail network.
French air traffic controllers are expecting layoffs and new ATC rules and regulations. Even closure of some local towers. SNCTA
Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport Departures
Freaky virtual staff at Orly dailymail
Orly/CDG Airport delays
Air France
Air France flight status
Air France codeshares with?
Transavia Air France subsidiary low cost airline. 
Marseille, Airport 
Bordeaux Airport
Lyon Airport 
Lille Airport

Driving into France? 
Driving from UK? Law now requires cars entering France to carry selected items dailymail
See where the speed camera's are thelocal

Interesting French blog you might like Access Riviera

New private train Thello sleeper Paris to Venice
Bisonfute for avoiding French traffic jams

French Weather

French national railway SNCF (45 euro fine for having feet up on seat)
If RER A and B are on strike. Three out of four trains will be running. Alternative transport metro, bus and Tram. 
If going to Orly airport? Then take a bus or RER C 
TER and TGV 0 805 90 36 35
Transiliens call toll-free numbers  08 05 70 08 05.
TGV Lyria delays to Switzerland. or by calling 08 00 15 11 11. 

   UK England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
​January 2014 Several Tube, railway unions are being balloted for strike actions. Just make sure you have a plan B to and from your airport.

South America
14 April 2014 Adelaide bus strike planned for next week

21 February 2014 Qantas to cut back costs by $2 billion dollars over three years! Employees must be extremely anxious. Do not book a long haul flight with Qantas. Do your homework. Delta, British Airways, Virgin, Emirates for example. Management painfully slow in taking the bull by the horns.
Tahiti Airport site
September 6, 2013 Tahiti general strike planned for September 10. Keep an eye on your Air France flight.

New Zealand
2014 Air New Zealand named airline of the year (again)
Transportation Strikes at Easy Travel   Travel Guide                                                           About Easy Travel
European Travel Strikes
Germany Lufthansa flights 
Lufthansa/Germanwings pilot strike
Star Alliance member
Greek Strikes Railway strike over Easter
Ireland  Strike Airports and Airlines
Italian strikes Alitalia  
Lebanon Air traffic control 
Norway Norwegian
Poland General strike threat for May 7

Where are French tourists flocking to now a days? Algeria now top French destination, Oran, Algiers, Bejaia, Tlemcen and Constantine. Morocco Casablanca, Marrakech and Tunisia sales decline sharply.

Update:-Strike cancelled.
March 4th, 2014 Air traffic control on strike today. Hundreds of flights grounded  British Airways, Lufthansa, Alitalia you name it Ghana Review

- Not safe for Christians
Moi Mombassa Airport
Airlines leaving Mombassa Moi Airport

December 13 Kenya marks 50 years of .

August 2013 Kenyan produce for export banned by EU due to toxic chemicals standard Digital New

October 2012 Brussels airline, Virgin Atlantic and Gulf Air all pulled flights to Kenya.

Nairobi hotels, U.S issues warnings regarding possible bomb threats to hotels not safe for tourists Stratford

Kenyan border to Somalia closed.
Brits told to stay away from Kenyan coastline 

Airlines in Nigeria do not live up to safety codes.

South Africa
Strike season July and August

Mango Airlines Strike
Mango Airlines under strike threat from pilots union Solidarity Mango Strike

17 March 2014 Strike by air traffic control at Khartoum International Airport still going on RadioBanga

When SA truckers strike, Swaziland will feel it's effect quickly. Best stock up with petrol while you can.

Tunisian Airport Strike 
Tunis Airline and Carthage Airport strike pages

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**Warning, Travel Alert, Travel Advisory 
for 2014**
 shaky airlines

Ask yourself, should I book a ticket with these airlines? These companies are embedded, entrenched with industrial disputes and have threatened strikes for when you are going to travel!
Aegean Airlines (Grk)
Aer Lingus
Air Berlin
Air Canada
Air Europa
Air France
Air India
Air Malta
Air Namibia
Air Nigeria
Air Zimbabwe
American Airlines
Estonia Airline
Iberia Airlines
Kingfisher Airline (Kaput)
Kuwait Airways  
Lot Polish Airlines
Lufthansa Airlines
along with Germanwings
Olympic Airways
Pluna Airline
Spirit Airlines
TAP Air Portugal France
Turkish Airlines
US Airways

Don't ruin your vacation! 

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Travel Caribbean and The Bahamas
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Cheap travel, travel deals, vacation packages, dream vacations, honeymoon and family vacations, from hell, all ruined because of a union strike, flights cancelled, flight disruptions!  Stay informed look here first!  Avoid a travel nightmare.  
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Caribbean  Liat 
UK London Underground Strike will overlap with Heathrow Express Strike
French strikes 

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Norwegian Airlines - Parat Union, 1,300 members work for airline company threaten strike action. Union want agreement by April 30

Warsaw Chopin Airport and Zielona Gora Airport workers threat strike on May 7, 2014

28 February 2014 LOT, Polish national airline. Union workers planning strike ballot. Issue over remuneration rules.
All's quiet April 2014
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