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  Lot  Polish Airlines, travel guide.
Popular route to TLV Ben Gurion Airport
Codeshare agreement with Turkish Airlines
Warsaw Chopin Airport departure delays?

​Lot Polish Airline Pilot's Strike 
Update:-28 April, 2018 Unions still insisting workers will be on strike the 1st, even though strike has been blocked by  government intervention. 

30 April, 2018 No surprise union calls off strike action after government court order. Union took a merry old time before canceling strike

27 April, 2018 Lot Polish Airline workers threaten strike action 
1 May, 2018. Management state strike will be illegal, crews will come to work but not strike, but not work? Meetings to place on the 17th May
For updates see Easy Travel Report for this and even more aviation strikes that will make your hair curl!

2 October 2016 Sunday Nationwide strike is planned for tomorrow 

4 August 2016 Flights to Israel will be delayed due to strike at TLV, Ben Gurion Airport Strike 
follow along with us www.easytravelreport.com or 
Ben Gurion Airport Strike
26 April 2016 You should know flights with LOT will be up the creek today due to two aviation industrial actions.
French air traffic controllers strike and German airport strikes. Treat these as warning strikes as issues not likely to go away soon www.easytravelreport.com be ready for strikes in Greece in May.

Old issues effecting LOT from 2016
13 April 2016 Flights delayed today due to the Belgian air traffic control strike.

Old strikes  from last year that effected Lot Airlines.
Lot Polish Airline Strike
Wednesday, 18 November 2015 Cabin crew workers threaten strike action tomorrow between the hours of 6:30am and 8:30am. 
Union of Cabin Crew and Aviation 600 members.
Warsaw Chopin Airport
Star Alliance member
Codeshares with Adria (also striking this week) EgyptAir, JetBlue, strike prone Lufthansa, Air Canada, Air China, Swiss International, Scandinavian, Singapore Airlines, TAP, United Airlines, to name a few.
Hubs and Focus airports:-Copernicus Airport Wroclaw, Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport, Katowice International, John Paul ll Krakow-Balice Airport, Poznan Lawica Airport, Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport, Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Old strikes effecting LOT Polish Airlines in 2015
28 June 2015 More strike news you should know.  Flights to Spain, check our front page as baggage handlers are striking in July www.easytravelreport.com

24 June 2015 Situation is out of Lot airlines control.
Your flight from, to or over France will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward due to French air traffic control strike. Strike is planned for 2, 3 July 2015.
You can change your flight now ( fee probably involved) or wait till airline gets the nod from French controllers 48 - 24 hours before strike is to take place. Airlines will be told just how much they have to reduce by a certain percentage. All depends on how many non union controllers show up for work. Follow along with us at French air traffic control strike 2015 we will be updating on that page. 
You should also know tomorrow French nationwide taxi strike. Leave early for your French airport. You may find exit to airport terminal blocked.

Old strikes for 2014 that effected Lot
28 February 2014 Lot Polish Airlines workers being balloted for strike action. Issue over remuneration rules.

1 December 2013 Lot back in the news today workers bracing for pay cuts.

August 9, 2013 Needs a 90 million bail out. Be careful with this airline if you are planning Thanksgiving or Christmas trips.

June 11, 2013 French air traffic controllers are on strike this week. June 12, likely to be the worst day as other countries air traffic controllers will be joining in. Stay in close contact with your airline. 
Old industrial actions
February 28, 2013 Lot Polish Airlines will announce austerity plan March 20. 
New CEO, 700 employees to go and Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner grounding cost 35,000 euros daily which forced LOT to rent three 767, unexpected extra expense. Airline losses for last year 28 million euros.
Three more dreamliners due in the summer. Boeing employees threatening to strike. Tumultuous year ahead for LOT's passengers.
January 23, 2013 Polish rail strike this Friday Polish Nationwide rail strike

January, 11, 2013 Lot Airlines back in the news today.  Spain has dramatically increased airport fees this year. Hence low cost airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet flee Spain for Poland.  Mean while Lot Polish Airlines suffers, will let go a third of it’s employees and reduce fleet from 41 - 25 aircraft.  Will stay on profitable routes, hopefully Polish government will monitor foreign airlines.
Airline had a loss of $63 million this year. Received $127 million dollar bail out for Christmas from Polish government which may have been illegal. This airline has serious financial problems. Protect your hard earned cash. You don't want to be left stranded.
Warsaw Modlin airport closed, flights being diverted to Chopin due to runway construction.

So last year
6 September 2012 Lot Polish airlines codeshares with Lufthansa airlines. Who are on strike right now. 
See Lufthansa airlines flight attendants strike

3 June 2012 Bad news for LOT, Turkish Airlines pulls out of a deal to buy them.
1 November 2011 Miracle in Poland today. Expert LOT Polish Airlines nails landing. Warsaw Chopin Airport closed till 4am Thursday. See article from
nyc aviation

LOT Polish Airlines Announcement

Warsaw, 1 November 2011 LOT Polish Airlines confirms a successful emergency landing of a Boeing 767 aircraft at Chopin's Airport in Warsaw.

On board of LO 016 flying from Newark to Warsaw were 220 passengers and 11 crew members. After the landing passengers were safely evacuated by the crew of the aircraft and then transported to the terminal, where the support team and psychologists took care of them. During the landing the passengers stayed calm and nobody was injured.

After noticing a central hydraulic system failure the standard procedure for emergency landings at Warsaw airport were implemented. All airport authorities and emergency services were alerted and in place to assist the aircraft during the landing.

Industrial rumblings in July/Aug

28 July Lot employees balloting timeline has been extended.
24 July 2011 Lot cabin crew back in the news today, issues over transatlantic flights scheduling thenews.pl
1 March 2011 Awaiting delivery of a 787 Dreamliner 2012, possible Asian route, new reconstructing, Asia route possible with new aircraft. Management working hard.
Cabin crew strike, two hours, Wednesday, 1 November, 
10am -12 pm. Flies to Zurich, Posnan, Frankfurt to name a few.
Lot Airlines
Warsaw Chopin Airport departure delays?

27, AUGUST, 2010 LOT Polish Airlines pilots have reached an agreement.  Your good to go.

10, August, LOT, Polish Airlines unions will strike, not date set yet.

August, LOT Polish Airlines awaiting delivery of 8 787's delivery expected November, 2011-12. Lot is also investing money in upgrades to it's 767-300ER and phase out it's old gas guzzlers 737-400. Small airline striving to give you good service.

23, September, 2009 Announced they will layoff a quarter of the staff, 900 jobs in all. Union preparing to strike.

14, September, 2009
LOT Polish Airlines will introduce a new contract to employees October,1  Employees can expect a 15 percent cut in salary and jobs available.
The International Transport Workers' Federation and the European Transport Workers' Federation said. LOT also fired the president of the Polish Cabin Crew Union and the president of the LOT Polish Airlines Employees Union in July. ITF and ETF said they are putting together "a plan of international action for the next six months" in conjunction with national trade unions.  

9, September, 2009 
LOT Polish Airlines will bring in a financial adviser to help sell new shares, CEO Sebastian Mikosz was quoted as saying. "We're in talks with an investment bank which will advise us on the capital hike," targeted for next year

5/5/2009  Financial loss of estimated zt900 million.  Unable to pay invoices because it has no money, and it is being refused bank credit.  Closed subsidiary airline Centralwings last year.  State aid unavailable. Lufthansa, British Airways and Air France-KLM are interested in acquiring the airline.  Talks are on going, speed is of the essence. Workers threaten strike.

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