Cork Airport Strike
    Ireland's second busiest airport

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​       Aer Lingus Cabin Crews
6 May 2015 Crews being balloted for strike action. Might effect your flight from Cork. Results in two weeks Follow Aer Lingus strike page

Last year 2014 strike actions
                    Aer Lingus Strike
Back again
13 June 2014 Union Impact cancel strike action. Company will hire 20 new cabin crew, restore privileges. 

6 June 2014 Management refuse further talks this weekend. Cabin crew union IMPACT call for 2 strikes.
Monday 16, June 2014
Wednesday 18, June 2014 
Call them.

28 May 2014 Airline suggest even if you have confirmed online get to Cork airport 90 mins early.

27 May 2014 Another strike by Aer Lingus cabin crew is being planned. No date set just yet. So far 18,000 passengers have changed booking for Friday

Wednesday, 7 May 2014 More trouble for Aer Lingus.
This time it's 1,100 or so cabin crew workers who belong to IMPACT union. Shannon, Cork and Shannon airports will be effected. Workers are being balloted and results will be in the end of this week
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Old industrial actions at Cork Airport
Cork Airport Strike
13th March, 2014 Are you flying next week-end with Aer Lingus? Call them. Siptu union strikes back with air strike next week-end.
Aer Lingus strike Friday, March 21st and Monday March 24th. 6 hour stretches. More news to be released.
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 Irish judges decided strike was illegal. Cork airport will be open for business. Call your airline to confirm, you are good to go.

Tuesday 11th March Talks still on going. Sorry to tell you but no decision to be made till tomorrow.
Monday 10th March Still waiting judges ruling. Meeting took/taking place today. In the mean time. Aer Lingus Transatlantic flights will leave perhaps a little earlier or later than usual. Short hauls have been cancelled. Aer Lingus alone has rescheduled 3,000 trips.
Even if courts deem strike illegal, it will come too late for airline to re-book passengers. Then you have the knock on effect. More strikes are likely to come. Your airline should have called you by now.
P.S Perhaps you need to know French air traffic controllers will strike March 18th. 

Monday, 3 March Irish government in emergency meetings.  Aer Lingus will offer re-bookings tomorrow.

Thursday, 27th February 2014 Union announced today strike action to take place at Cork Airport, Dublin and Shannon Airport. Along with national air carrier Aer Lingus. Friday, 14th March 2014 from 5am to 9am, expect more strikes to come. Here's what Siptu had to say. 
Call your airline asap, before the world and his wife does. You might also want to know that a rail strike is in the works.

Monday, 24 February, Aer Lingus and union heads meet Thursday 27th.  
Still rumours, hearsay, gossip abound that St. Patricks week-end might see strike action. 

February 11th, 2014 Yesterday Dublin and Cork airport Siptu union workers ballot votes were tallied up and results are - strike action next month. Workers in this vote include airport security and firemen. Airports won't open without firemen on duty. 

Aer Lingus Siptu union ground staff workers and some cabin crew workers who are represented by Siptu also passed a vote for strike action today. 

Siptu union now nudging other trade unions to initiate strike ballots. Trade union Impact for Aer Lingus flight attendants have not called for a ballot, yet.

16 January 2014 Issue back in the news today. Siptu union members who work for Are Lingus, Dublin, Shannon and Cork Airports are being balloted for strike action. Regardless of legal action threat by management. No strike date set yet.
See Siptu press release
and Aer Lingus Strike page
Last years industrial threats and actions.
August 17, 2013 Aer Arann strike has been cancelled. Management made an offer, pilots will now vote on it.

12 August 2013 Aer Lingus regional airline Aer Arann will strike next week. Bitter dispute to start next week. Flights will be delayed, cancelled or postponed at Cork Arirport. Follow along with us at Aer Arann pilot strike
June 20, 2013 Cork airport under strike threat again, this time it's by Aer Lingus pilots.  Aer Lingus pilots threaten
Old industrial actions
14 November Stronger cooler heads prevailed and Monday's planned strike has been cancelled.  You are good to go!

30 October 2012 Today it is announced that Aer Lingus crews and Aer Lingus airport workers will strike for two hours on Monday 19 November 2012. 10am to noon. No flights will be in the air. International flights will be hit.
Dublin Airport Authority Trade Unions

12 October 2012 Airport workers maybe on the verge of a deal. On the other hand, Aer Lingus employees have meeting scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of next week. Strike highly possible.
27 September 2012 You got lucky. Issue not over but strike has been deferred for talks. Same for Aer Lingus employees.
26 September 2012 See our Aer Lingus strikes page for some updates.
14 September Planned strike is on for Monday 1 October.
Workers from Aer Lingus and Dublin Airport Authority will have a rolling two hour strike, go slow. Each employee to strike for two hours. This could stretch out all day. All Irish airports will be struck Dublin, Shannon and Cork. Your airline could face delays. Does your airline code-share with Aer Lingus or perhaps your long haul refuels in Ireland.

Update:- 17 August 2012 Union threatens industrial action, strike by Thursday 
20 September 2012 unless negotiations move faster over pensions. 

1 August 2012 Workers at Aer Lingus and workers from Dublin, Cork and Shannon airports have voted for strike action. No dates set. Some 4,500 workers voted over an issue regarding pensions schemes. Rather nerve racking. 

Cork International Airport 

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Airlines flying in and out of Cork International Airport :-
Aer Lingus - Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Lanzarote, London-Gatwick (ends 26 October 2012),[17] London-Heathrow, Málaga, Munich, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Rome-Fiumicino
Summer Seasonal: Alicante, Faro, Lisbon, Nice, Palma de Mallorca
Winter Seasonal: Geneva, Gran Canaria, Tenerife-South
Winter Seasonal Charter: Salzburg

Aer Lingus Regional (operated by Aer Arann)
Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow-International, Manchester Summer Seasonal: Jersey, Rennes

Air Contractors - Summer Seasonal Charter: Dubrovnik, Heraklion

Air Dolomiti - Summer Seasonal Charter - Verona
Croatian Airlines - Summer Seasonal Charter - Dubrovnik 

Flybe operated by Loganair Oil Charter: Aberdeen - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Monarch - Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Málaga, Palma de Mallorca, Reus 

OLT Express - Northern Poland - Bydgoszcz

Onur Air operated by Atlas Jet - Seasonal Bodrum, Izmir

Ryanair - Lanzarote, Liverpool, East Midlands, London-Gatwick, London-Stansted, Málaga, Tenerife-South
Summer Seasonal: Alicante, Bordeaux, Carcassonne, Faro, Fuerteventura, Girona, Gran Canaria, La Rochelle, Milan-Orio al Serio, Palma de Mallorca, Pisa, Reus
Poland:-Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw and Krakow, and to Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

Tailwind Airlines - Seasonal Izmir Turkey  
Thomson Airways - Seasonal Lanzarote
Titan Airways - Summer Seasonal Charter: Florence, Venice
Travel Service - Seasonal Lanzarote 
Wizz Air - Gdańsk, Katowice, Poznań, Vilnius, Warsaw-Modlin, Wrocław

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              Cork Airport Strike Information 2018
                        Irish Airport Strike

Cork Airport situated four miles south of Cork City.

Cork Airport strike will effect flights to and from Lanzarote, London, Malaga, Gatwick, Palma, Mallorca and the Canaries.

Irish Airport Top ten busiest routes:-
Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick, Amsterdam, Spain Malaga, Liverpool, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Lanzarote, Faro and Birmingham.

Cork Airport Strike