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​Are Barcelona taxi drivers on strike?
​or is it
French air traffic control - again!

​17 July, 2018 Italian air traffic control are going on strike  - again. This time it's on a busy Saturday 
21 July, 2018. Flights will be delayed day before and day after, call Easyjet. Italian trains are also striking that week-end. see Easy Travel Report.com

6 June 2018 Easyjet flights will be delayed by Italian air traffic control strike and French air traffic control this week.


24 April, 2018 We have a couple of strikes that may effect your flight with easyJet.
Italian air traffic control strike is planned Tuesday 8 May, 2018 and If you are flying to Barcelona or anywhere in Spain your flight will be delayed. Barcelona air traffic control will hold 24 hour strikes, throughout the summer 2018. First strike is Wednesday 20 June 2018. Stay in close contact with easyJet and follow along for any updates with us
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​Old strikes for 2018
Are you flying to Lisbon, Portugal?You might want to know Lisbon Metro strike 19 April, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 Get ready easyJet flights will be delayed this week due to French air traffic control strike

1 February, 2018 Our first strikes that may effect your easyJet flights.
Italian aviation workers, Milan Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino airports see Easy Travel Report

Strikes effecting Easyjet flights in 2017
Easyjet make up air traffic control strike Sunday Times

August 2017
Barcelona airport strike
Madrid airport strikes
Gran Canaria airport strike

Today, Thursday 11 May 2017 easyJet cabin crews and ground crews will strike for three days. It’s possible EasyJet will bring in foreign crews.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday, May 27, 28 and 29th, 2017.
Strike starts Saturday 00:01hrs - ends Monday, 23:59hrs

For this and more strike action in Portugal see Easy Travel Report

Update:-Wednesday April 19, 2017 Great news. All aviation across Italy for the 21st of April have been cancelled.

Last years strikes 2016 effecting EasyJet flights.
June 8, 2016 EasyJet Amsterdam pilots and cabin crews threaten strike action.  EasyJet Malaga Airport, Spain strike is on with minimal delays see
www.easytravelreport.com French air traffic control strike is over, but expect some strike action this week or next.

French Air Traffic Control Strike
EasyJet Flights to your French Airport will likely be delayed, cancelled or brought forward due to French air traffic control strike.

French air traffic controllers will strike on Thursday May 19, 2016 (and perhaps May 26) If strike goes ahead airlines will be asked to cut back flights to and from France. Stay in close contact with EasyJet. Air France will take brunt of strike action. French national rail company is also striking.
French taxi drivers are threatening to join in.
Please see www.easytravelrport.com for updates and French air traffic controllers strike
Our Air France Strike page.
If you are changing flights in France and have a long lay over in a French international arrivals lounge. Get a French visa as you will be sleeping on a cot in the lounge while other passengers sleep in a comfortable hotel bed with private bathroom. March 2016 saw 140 passengers sleeping on the floor at Orly Airport.
Expect knock-on effect.


Update:-Sunday 20 March 2016 Monday will see flights reduced to and from and tooooo these airports by 33%:- Beauvais, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Orly. You are not alone thousands of passengers have been cancelled or delayed.
French air traffic control strike

Yes, Italian air traffic control are back for strike action, which will effect your EasyJet flight. Strike is on for November 24, 2015 follow along with us Italian air traffic control strike 2015 

Old strikes for 2015
Heads up Monday September 14, 2015 air traffic controllers will announce possible strike action Spanish air traffic control strikes

Wednesday 5 August 2015 Greek air traffic control strike is in full swing. You should know Greek controllers threaten more strike action Friday, Saturday 14 15 August - four hours each. We will update on Greek air traffic control strike page

Monday 3 August 2015 Union members accept deal. 2,000 cabin crew take 4.1% till 2017, back dated from January 2015. Thank goodness.

Monday 3 August Passengers on tender hooks, nothing in the news today so far. 

6 July 2015 UK Flight crews being balloted for strike action. Ballots due in August 3. Bookmark us, we will be updating. Spanish air traffic control strike dates are in.

1 July 2015 See our front page, July heating up to be a real mess for airline passengers. Strikes out of Easyjets control www.easytravelreport.com

3 June 2015 Spanish air traffic control strike July 2015

31 May 2015 Several strikes planned in Madrid this week/month see Madrid Airport Strike

May 5 2015, Strikes this week you may need to know. TAP Air Portugal is on day 5. Today German rail strike starts today and Italian airport workers will be striking this week.
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22 April 2015 Article out by London Evening Standard EasyJet - You pay fee to prove your flight was cancelled.

EasyJet must be rubbing hands together due to TAP airline strike next month. They will likely add extra flights and make some profit.

​Heads up! All French air traffic control strikes have been cancelled. 

French air traffic controller strike planned for April 16 - 18 has been cancelled.
April 29 - May 2 so far is still on the books. Check back with us.
You might want to know, Italian air traffic control strike is planned from 1-5pm local time, 21 April, 2015

8 April 2015 French air traffic control strike April and May 2015. Your Easyjet flight will be delayed, cancelled or brought forward. Tomorrow a French general strike is to take place that will likely effect public transportation. Also be aware of RER train to airport, tourists being targeted by robbers. Lets not forget Scottish airport security strike is going on. EasyJet will have strike notices up on EasyJet site.

EasyJet flights in Hamburg
Hamburg Airport Security Strike
Announced today, 22 January 2015 Hamburg Airport security strike planned for Friday, 23 January 2015 between the hours 11am - 4pm. Get to Hamburg airport three hours early.
EasyJet Strike France
27 December 2014 Another French EasyJet crew strike 31 December 2014 Call EasyJet

22 December 2014 EasyJet does not fly on Christmas Day. Perfect DailyMail has an article up.

19 December 2014 EasyJet strike by French cabin crews. 25th and 26th December. More information to come out as late as Tuesday. Likely to effect flights to and from Corsica, Bordeaux, Brest, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpelier, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg, Toulouse. Charles de Gaulle and Orly.
Union Snpc.org
​(A strike by baggage handlers and checkin staff at Heathrow has been suspended)

Old strikes for 2014
EasyJet flights will be hit by:-
Italian air traffic control strike
Controllers will strike 1 pm - 5 pm local time. It’s going to be a mess. Long hauls, short hauls and domestic flights will be grounded. 
In general flights will be not be normal till Sunday.

As this is a general strike airport workers baggage handlers, ramp workers etc will be striking from 10 am - 6 pm. 
Call EasyJet. Chances are you will be cancelled or brought forward or delayed.
You don’t want to be traveling around Italy that day. Call work, stay an extra day.

Italian trains will strike all weekend.

Taxi’s will be hard to find, extra traffic on roads causing traffic jams, occasional road blocks.

See Easy Travel Report for further updates and other European strikes
Back again
Italian EasyJet strike planned November 14, 2014 along with other Italian aviation workers will strike. Follow along with us at ETR

Other strikes planned that might effect EasyJet flights

October, November and December 2014 TAP Airlines strike

October:-Lufthansa pilot strike and Moroccan general strike ETR

December:- Belgium general strike 15 December 2014 ETR

Old industrial actions
6 October 2014 Italian EasyJet 24 hour strike planned for this Wednesday, 8 October, 2014. Strike run differently this time. You should have been contacted by EasyJet by now.

14 September 2014 More strikes to effect EasyJet flights from Italy. See Easy Travel Report front page.
EasyJet crews were to strike 17 September, but have deferred it to come in line with other Italian unions.

EasyJet crews  (nationwide) and other Italian unions, including air traffic control workers will strike Saturday, 27 September, 2014. Flights to and from Alghero - Riviera del Corallo Airport - Sardinia workers will strike between 11 am and 3 pm. 

EasyJet management will often bring in foreign crews to manage the aircrafts. Still if air traffic control strikes, it might not be worth it for them.

Change your flight, be one of the early ones. Chances are you will be moved up, cancelled or delayed. Bad day for traveling around Italian airports and airlines. You won't want to deal with it.

October, 8, 2014 EasyJet crews again will strike. Nationwide 
00.00 - 23.59 hours.

Old industrial actions.
Rome Ciampino Airport workers to strike Saturday, 6, September, 2014 12:30 lunch time - 4:30pm. 

Also two Italian air traffic control unions have a strike planned for the same time. Strike will effect flights except long-hauls. Ryanair, EasyJet all cancelled flights.

Italian Easyjet strike again, this time July 20,2014. Follow along on our front page Another 24 hour Italian Easyjet strike is planned for Wednesday, September 17, 2014. (Update, September strike cancelled)
Two baggage handler strikes planned in August.
Palma de Mallorca and Porto Airport.

EasyJet passengers heads up. French air traffic controllers strike is being planned June 24-29, 2014 
Follow along with us Easy Travel Report French air traffic control strike 2014
 EasyJet Strike
5 June 2014 Italian EasyJet cabin crew will strike nationwide for 24 hours on Sunday, June 22. Expect your flight to be delayed perhaps but not canceled. Management will bring in foreign crews to man your flight.

Old industrial actions for 2014
Friday 16, May 2014 Italian flight attendants for EasyJet will strike for 24 hours. You might be delayed, not cancelled. Easyjet will pull in other foreign crews.

17th March 2014 Flights to France up the creek this week.
Air traffic control strike Tuesday, March 18th, 24 hours. Monday will see flights starting to power down early due to French air traffic control strike. Controllers have told airlines to cut flight back to and from France by 20 - 30%. See DSNA blog Flights will be back to normal by Wednesday noon. EasyJet and British Airways have modified flight schedule.
French baggage handlers strike March 20th. You will be delayed, bring a book. No flight cancellations.

Sunday March, 23 Will see strike by Italian Easyjet workers. Your flight might be delayed but not cancelled. Easyjet will bring in other nationals to crew the planes.

16 February Flying into Milan? Taxi strike is planned 20th February middle of fashion week.  Greeks have a civil servants strike planned for March. See Easy Travel Report

29 January 2014 Added to the mix Linate airport taxi drivers went on a wildcat strike today. Milan train station effected and most probably Malpensa airport.

17 January Heads up, European air traffic control strike is being planned for January 2014. Your flight will be delayed, brought forward or cancelled. Be the first to change your flight. See Easy Travel Report

December 26, 2013 EasyJet flights slow to get back to normal at Gatwick airport due to power failure. UK bracing for more bad weather.
Portuguese EasyJet strike
Easyjet pilot strike, 5 days - 24 hours each.
Friday, December 13, 2013 (ended up cancelled)
Tuesday, December 24th 
Thursday, 26th December,
Tuesday and Wednesday, December 31st and New Years Day.
Easyjet flies from Portugal - Lisbon Portela
Flights to:-Amsterdam, Asturias, Berlin-Schönefeld, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Bristol, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Funchal, Liverpool, London-Gatwick, London-Luton, Luxembourg, Lyon, Madrid, Milan-Malpensa, Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Venice-Marco Polo.
Flights from Madeira to Bristol, Lisbon and Gatwick. Minimal essential service will be in place.
(Easyjet likely to bring in pilots from other nationalities to fill void)
Are you sending a parcel for Christmas to Portugal?
Intermittent post office strikes till new year
Old industrial action
10 October 2013 Easyjet cancels several flights today, due to the Pan European air traffic control strike. France flights hit badly. Strike ripples around network, likely not to be back to normal till Friday afternoon. Italian air traffic controllers will strike next week. 

Old Industrial actions from 2013 left up for insurance agents
August 4 EasyJet flights to Greece, next weekend Greek airport strike 9-11 August
June 9, 2013 Some EasyJet flights will get caught up in French air traffic control strike this week.  French airports have asked airlines to cut back flights by 50%. French air traffic controllers strike
April 15, 2013 EasyJet flight attendants to strike Monday May 27, 2013 from 10am - 2pm. Expect EasyJet pilots to announce similar strike action in the not too distant future. This may concern only Italian flights/pilots.
Italian Easyjet pilots to strike Tuesday 19 February from noon to 4PM. Call them, your flight will be cancelled. Reminder Iberia Airlines Strike February and March may effect ground handlers in Spain.

January 4, 2013 EasyJet Baggage handlers, Handling Solutions at John Lennon Airport back in the news today. Union GMB given company till Monday to give information on layoffs or they will ballot employees for strike action. If strike action is to happen your looking at a strike being called early February, 2013.
6 December 2012  EasyJet flights under threat at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport by baggage handlers.
16 August 2012 Late tonight we learned, deal has been made, no strike for Friday and Sunday. You are good to go.

15 August EasyJet brings in extra pilots, system flowing well.

14 August Tuesday, Not much news out today from EasyJet or local newspapers.

10 August 2012 EasyJet France pilot strike announced:- 
On public Holiday Assumption Day 
Wednesday 15 August 2012
Friday 17 August
Sunday 19 August
EasyJet from Orly Airport flies to:-

Athens, Berlin-Brandenburg [begins 17 March 2013], Berlin-Schönefeld [ends 16 March 2013], Faro, Milan-Linate, Naples, Nice, Pisa, Rome-Fiumicino, Toulouse
Seasonal: Brindisi, Cagliari, Dubrovnik, Mykonos, Olbia, Palermo, Rhodes 
EasyJet operated by EasyJet Switzerland :-
Geneva, Venice-Marco Polo 

Other French airports that will be effected are:-CDG, Lyon, Grenoble, Nice, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Biarritz, Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Nantes. 
Remember you could always switch to leave from a neighbouring country perhaps. Call EasyJet check website often. Let's hope cooler heads prevail and a wage deal is made.

20 April 2012 Madrid EasyJet strike Friday Saturday April 27, 28 and Wednesday May 2. Potential to be very disruptive.
Will effect EasyJet flights to and from Madrid. Call EasyJet. Iberia  strike  TAP SATA and Portuguese air traffc controllers
Old stuff
30 November 2011 Open ended strike by EasyJet flight attendants today, France route. 6 flights cancelled others delayed two hours. Unac union, EasyJet's 500 French flight attendants want to be under French rules, better bonus, compensation etc. (Air France flight attendants strike)
1 October EasyJet pushing new "flexi" tickets. You perhaps will benefit.  Free flight if airline arrives at gate 15 mins late.
Flights can cost as much as three times regular fare. Here's what EasyJet has to say and an excellent article by Simon Calder of the Independent

27 September 2011 EasyJet founder threatens opening a new airline "FastJet"  Management running a smear campaign against founder Sir Stelios Haji-Ioanno.  eturbonews.com

28 Aug 2011 Easyjet deputy chairman David Michels steps down

16 June 2011 EasyJet voted to accept a deal on pay and schedule online.wsj.com

24 May New Chief Executive Carolyn McCall criticizes old management and wants an agreement with pilots 

14 May 2011 Using EasyJet out of Germany? EasyJet workers from German Union Verdi caused chaos today at Berlin's Schönefeld airport. Flights were cancelled and delayed from a warning strike only giving 15 minutes notice 5am-12pm. This is an on going industrial dispute. Just be cautious when booking. Easyjet is also financially cash strapped.
Here's what Easyjet had to say. Flight to/from Berlin, Gothenburg, Barcelona, Madrid, Naples and Rome Fiumicino.
Easyjet employs around 110 pilots and 240 cabin crew at Schönefeld.

EasyJet strike, industrial action by Italian pilots, Friday, 25, February, nationally from 10am-2pm. Still early plenty of time for this to change. Call airline to see what's going on. Bari, Bologna, Brindisi, Catania, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Palermo, Rome, Sardinia, Santorini, Venice.

1/27/2011News will surely be disappointing to travelers, EasyJet will not be flying to Cyprus 

25 October, EasyJet passengers going to France this week, watch out new French general strike coming up. See Whose on strike today!

EasyJet unveils infrared dailymail.co.uk

Greek strike, unions  GSEE and ADEDY, (will start midnight Wednesday)  24 hours, Thursday. May, 20, 2010, will effect ferries international trains, borders and Greek air space, air traffic controllers. 

3/3/10  EasyJet and Ryanair at it again. Dailymail.co.uk

Travel chaos as easyJet wrongly tells passengers flights are cancelled in email blunder Dailymail.co.uk

12, Jan. 10.  Are you traveling in or out of France this week?  French Air traffic controllers strike and weather delays.  Check our front page for updates.

17, December 09 Flyglobespan stranded passengers, EasyJet picking up slack  

EasyJet announces closures at UK airports
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Loading ... Loading ... Posted on: December 9th, 2009 by Peter Headley

This past year has been particularly bad for the airline industry with carriers losing money and staff threatening strike action, but low-cost airlines have done well. Easyjet recorded a growth of 12 per cent for the month of November compared to the same time last year, but have decided to cancel some routes and clear out of East Midlands Airport altogether.

The news that all flights from East Midlands has come as a bit of a shock, passengers and industry experts had no warning of the impending closures. As from the 5th January 2010 Easyjet will no longer be flying to far off shores. Those that have flights booked after this date are expected to be contacted by the budget carrier soon and offered a full refund or alternate flights from different UK airports.

Luton Airport is not escaping the wrath of the airline either as they to will lose some flight early next year. Easyjet will cut 20 per cent of their flights from their original home which include routes to Athens, Vienna and Cagliari and reduction on other destinations throughout Europe.

A spokesperson for Easyjet said they are not cutting the routes completely from the UK market, but that they wish to move the operations to more profitable airports. This may not be the case for the future as the British Government’s plan on reducing carbon emissions by 2050 does not work well with budget airlines. Expansion at smaller regional airports is expected to be blocked so that targets can be met, thus budget carriers will gain nothing by moving to these places now.
Easyjet dogged by strikes this year, Spain, Romania now France. Flights to Marrakech from Manchester will start on Thursday (October 29th), and new routes to Fuerteventura and Lanzarote from Liverpool will take effect on November 3rd. Porto from London Gatwick, to Sharm el Sheikh from London Luton, and to Geneva and Paphos in Cyprus, also from Luton.  Total of 22 new routes on the way.

18, Oct,09 Sunday, still going on.  This is who you are dealing with see video
and Orly Airport information
Effecting Rome, Athens, Nice, Berlin, Geneva, Milan, Toulouse and Budapest.

16, October, 09 Day three for strike at Orly Airport, France.  French baggage handlers working for Servisair the problem.  In France customer service number is 08 26 10 33 20, charged at €0.15 a minute from a landline. Easyjet urging passengers to take train or different airline. Royal Air Maroc, Easyjet, Air Caribbean have moved its flights to Charles de Gaulle airport. Easyjet counter in France is empty.

Romainia General strike 
5 October, 2009

9/20/09 Easyjet staff demonstrating outside Luton council offices trying to make people aware of the possible job loss that could occur if Luton airport does not lower fees for Easyjet.  Easyjet pays £9.00 per person that travels through the airport of which Luton Airport receives £5.00 per person. Easyjet say's this is not competitive with other airports.  Costs have gone up 25 per cent over three years and a 14 per cent drop in traffic at airport.

Ground staff, Easyjet flights, strike, three 24hr strikes, all Saturdays,15, 22 and 29 August, affects Spanish airports, hundreds of passengers travelling to Spain. Travel to, flights to Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante, and Tenerife.
34 flights to Malaga, 20 flights to Alicante,  27 flights to Mallorca,Tenerife.

Why: Negotiations with management, wage scale and working on public holidays. 18 months of discussions so far. Talks have failed.

Who:Easyjet, Spanish, ground maintenance staff
Unions: Two unions CCOO and the USO 

Will not effect Madrid airport,  Barajas Airport where Easyjet gets it's maintenance done. Cheap flights to Spain, not working out so cheap. Don't check your antacid, keep in carry on.

EasyJet pilot feared passenger jet would be shot down dailymail.co.uk

EasyJet attempts to kill off the airport queue with handheld devices

June, 09 The average salary for BA’s 14,000 cabin crew, including bonuses and allowances, is £29,900, compared with £14,400 at Virgin Atlantic and £20,200 at easyJet. BA’s pilots earn an average of £107,600, compared with £89,500 at Virgin and £71,400 at easyJet. Sir Richard Branson’s airline typically hires younger staff who are attracted by its fun image. EasyJet, the budget airline, pays its crew more on average than bmi, another low-cost airline, because it has been forced to after rapid growth in recent years.

9/30/08 Move charter, budget airlines to regions dutchnews.nl

9/30/08 Europe's leading budget airlines, Ryanair and easyJet, are both offering 'low price guarantees'. If you can beat the price they offer, they'll pay you double the difference gospain.about.com

9/30/08 EasyJet, Lufthansa seek former Alitalia slots reuters.com

easyJet voted best low cost airline in world
Singapore Airlines named airline of the year holidayextras.com

8/13/08 "Schiphol is discriminating by charging passengers that depart from the Netherlands twice as much as transfer passengers," easyJet said in a statement.  reuters.com

8/13/08 EasyJet has just announced the upcoming launch of a new service that will connect Gatwick with Salzburg, Austria. The flights to Austria will begin on 13 December, in time for skiers to make their way to the Alps before the Christmas holidays news.carrentals.co.uk

8/8/08 EasyJet to compensate family stranded on holiday telegraph.co.uk

8/1/08 Airline sorry over cancelled flight
More than 170 tourists had their holiday plans ruined when their flight was cancelled because the captain's licence had run out.
Some of those scheduled to be on the easyJet Airbus A320 plane from Gatwick to Las Palmas in Gran Canaria were told they would have to wait five days for another easyJet flight.
EasyJet has apologized to all the passengers who will now all get compensation for the cancellation which happened on Monday night.

7/23/08 Shares in easyJet fell after the budget airline revealed its profits will be much lower than the City has been expecting.

7/24/08  Easyjet benefiting from Lufthansa problems. 

07/16/2008 PRICED OUT BY OIL
Cheap Airlines Are Losing Altitude
By Dinah Deckstein, Spiegelonlineinternational

EasyJet takeover of GB Airways 1/25/08

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Industrial action at Orly Airport, Paris, France will effect these air carriers. 

Your airline may codeshare with one of them.

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EasyJet check in counters are gone, thing of the past.
Don't be late or you will incur an 80 quid penalty for re-arranging your flight.
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